Millbrook Dizzy Dean Baseball League: Welcome

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Saturday, July 5
Fall Baseball Registration for 2014

Millbrook Dizzy Dean Baseball

Fall Baseball Registration

Ages 3-15

Cost $50.00

T-Ball $40.00

Registration Place: Millcreek Sports Complex located off of Shirley Lane in Millbrook.

Dates of Registration: Saturday August  16th from 9:00am to 8:00pm

Schedule:12 to 15 game schedule games begin Tuesday September 2nd.

Games will be played Mondays, Tuesday and Thursdays. If more than 6 teams in a age division we will have to play on Wednesdays.

No Friday or Saturday games

Children must play in the age division that they will play in the Spring of 2015.

More information needed contact Dane Urban @ 334-651-9587 or

Concussion Info.

Coaches this is the link that you will need in order to complete the concussion training course. Please complete this training forum and take your test before Friday.. I need a copy of the certificate turned in before you will be allowed on the field during games. Also, your children on your team will NOT be allowed to play until the parent forms have been completed and returned. If you have not picked up forms as of yet, I have the forms ready for you in my office.. Please stop by there and get them asap.

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