Missouri City Girls Softball Association: FAQ

Frequently asked question regarding league play at MCGSA

When, where, and what time will the practices be held?

Practice is held at the Sta-Mo fields. Practice dates and times are set up by the draft order. The younger girls usually practice once a week and at earlier times. 6U teams will get early practice times with the older girls getting the later times during the week. All teams will get one week end and one week day slot for practice before league play begins, once league play begins the weekend time slots are used for games.


My daughter cannot make all the practices; can I place my daughter on another team who has a practice time that accommodates our schedule?

No, once your daughter has been placed on a team, we cannot place her on another team due to the draft; however, coaches will usually try to work around problem times. We do not have teams that are set up based on location of where you live. All girls must go through the evaluation and draft process if they are in the 8U and older divisions. This is to make sure that we keep all the teams balanced and fair. 

I do not want to sell candy but would still like to sign my daughter up. Is this possible?

In order for the team to maintain its fields and to provide a practice and game area, fundraisers are necessary to pay for the costs incurred. Instead of selling candy, you may “buy out” for $50.00.    

What do I do if my daughter cannot attend a game or practice?

As a courtesy to your team, please let your coach or team mom know immediately. Unless you contact them they assume your child will be in attendance and place her in the line-up. 

What equipment do I need to buy?

Your daughter will need a glove, even if she is very small. Make sure the glove is big enough to catch an 11-inch ball. Your daughter will also need to wear athletic shoes, preferably cleats. (No metal cleats) 

Can she play on any team she wants?

Unless a girls parent is coaching or managing a team, she must go through the draft. Siblings, if in the same age group, are always placed on the same team. If you indicate on your registration form a preference for a coach, the coaches will make a note, but nothing is guaranteed! In the 6U division we honor all requests for team placement. However, in the 8U, 10U, 12U and JV division we cannot honor requests based on car-pooling, residence, best friends, etc…. It is not fair to stack teams in this manner and to keep all of our parents happy and all of our girls playing softball in a fair and equitable division, we must put all girls through the draft process. 

Do I have to work the concession stand?

Every team is assigned 2 dates to work the concession stand. Each parent is required to take a turn working in the concession stand. We offer each family the option to buy out on concession duty. This means that instead of you working your assigned time, you may pay us, in advance, $25.00 and we will hire someone to work in your place. This buy out must be done by the deadline of February 23, 2013 or you will be assigned to work and expected to show up. We are all volunteers, and cannot run our association with out the help of our great parents.