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Thursday, June 9

The question has been asked of me of umpires are selected for all stars. The answer is simple, they are voted on.

As you know we have been using a rotation system so that umpires are exposed to as many different programs as possible. Umpires who chose not to move often find they are not being considered for All Stars because the directors have no clue who they are.

League Directors communicate with their coaches regarding the umpires who have worked their games and then send those recommendations to Me two weeks prior to All Stars taking place.

Because these are considered confidential "personnel" matters the votes are not made public but any director has a right to ask to see the e-mail should they dispute the tally.

There are 14 directors and each one names a maximum of six umpires to work the tournament. I then assign the tournaments as soon as the voting is completed.

I hope this porvides a little clarity to the process and encourage umpires to rotate through leagues for exposure.




Dan Vander Myde


District 9, JO Commissioner