12 Under - Major: Rules & Schedules

Rules are updated and approved during the first meeting of the year in January. Schedules are updated sometimes on a daily basis; review them frequently.

Rules are reviewed at the end of each season and revisions are voted on during the Board of Directors' Meeting in January. Schedules are updated on an almost daily basis. Check them frequently.

Major RulesMajor Rules

2015 Softball Tournament Rules.pdf2015 Softball Tournament Rules.pdf


Games are updated on an almost daily basis.
When you click on your schedule and see the download window open up. The date on that window is the date the file was created not necessarily when it was updated.

2015 Major League Tournament.pdf2015 Major League Tournament.pdf

Major League Standings.pdfMajor League Standings.pdf

2015 Major League Pool Play.pdf2015 Major League Pool Play.pdf