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Annual Calendar / Banned Bats

2016 Banned Bat List2016 Banned Bat List

Annual CalendarAnnual Calendar

All Star Tournament Information

Updated Tournament rules and Host Schedule

All Star Roster Template.xlsxAll Star Roster Template.xlsx

2016 Softball Tournament Rules.pdf2016 Softball Tournament Rules.pdf



Team Registration Form

This excel form may be copied

Roster Template.xlsxRoster Template.xlsx

Team USA Age Chart - 2017.pdfTeam USA Age Chart - 2017.pdf

Board Meetings - Minutes

Board Minutes are posted for one year and then archived

WMASA Membership 2017.pdfWMASA Membership 2017.pdf

02-03-16 WMASA Minutes02-03-16 WMASA Minutes

03-02-16 WMASA Minutes.pdf03-02-16 WMASA Minutes.pdf

09-07-16 WMASA Minutes.pdf09-07-16 WMASA Minutes.pdf

01-04-17 WMASA Minutes.pdf01-04-17 WMASA Minutes.pdf

Health and Safety

Heat Index ChartHeat Index Chart

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