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Welcome to the Midland Athletic Officials Association website. The MAOA is an organization of baseball, basketball, football,softball, and volleyball officials dedicated to providing quality sports officiating to the high schools of Mid and Northern Michigan. We offer training and assigning for our members. The goal is to update this site, at least, quarterly throughout the year. If you have information that needs to be added, please contact the Webmaster. New, perspective members should proceed to the New Members link, listed under Midland Athletic Officials Association Sports below, for more information on joining the MAOA.

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Friday, April 8

Yes, it has been a long time since there was any type of update to the website.  My wife has been in a three and a half year fight with cancer and my time has been tied up and no one else seems to want to run the website.  Anyway, the annual meeting will be coming up soon.  We have the Midland City Forest Chalet reserved for May 14th.  Steaks will go on the grill at 6:00 p.m.   We need reservations back May 8th to be sure to have a steak for you.  Please respond to Mark Bauer or Kim Heisler by May 8th.

Tuesday, November 4
Understanding your Dues

Dues for your association are for a school year, actually July to July.  Each year in March, we send out a registration form for the following school year.  These dues are due into the association secretary by July 1st.  If you have been a member in the past, there is a late fee due with any registration that comes in after July 1st.  Also, basketball is two sports, as we assign games for both boys and girls.  This information is all detailed on the registration form that you receive.  You need to send the form in, completely filled out.  Please pay attention, read your renewal form and submit on time with the proper fees in the future.

Tuesday, November 4
Minutes Uploaded to Handouts

The minutes from the October Board meeting has been posted to the Handouts section of the Website.

Saturday, October 25
Board Meeting

Your association board met on October 12, 2008 at Hangtime Sports.  At this meeting Ken Fey's resignation from the board was accepted and O.G. Myers was appointed to replace him.  Also at the meeting, it was decided that failure to pay dues on time will carry a more substantial penalty.  In the future no games will be assigned to anyone who has not paid their dues for Football, Volleyball or Basketball by August 1st.  For this coming year, no games will be assigned in Baseball and Softball if the dues are not paid by March 1st.  Should early assignment be made, the games will be unassigned from members who have not paid by said dates.  For more information of items covered, the minutes are posted in Handouts.

Monday, October 27
Importance of Email Addresses

With the adoption of Arbiter as an assigning tool, it is imperative that you keep us current with your email addresses.  As secretary, I provide updated information to the assignors and we then check these against the information they have.  If you do not keep me informed, it creates much work for me and the assignors.  Please be sure to provide us with the email address you want used by the assignors and if you change addresses, be sure to let me know.  I can be emailed with changes at kimheisler@aol.com ....

Saturday, October 25

The MAOA had gone electronic.  This year, we will be using Arbiter to handle assigning games in all sports.  It is imperative that you keep your email addressses current with us as you will receive your assignments via email.  This system is being used by the Tri Valley and our brother associations in Saginaw, Bay City, Mt. Pleasant and Alma.  Check it out and be ready to respond promptly when you receive assignments.

Sunday, May 13
New Year - New Address

Starting immediately the MAOA has a new address, P.O. Box 2774, Midland, Michigan 48641-2774.  This has been done to improve communications.  The main post office boxes are available 24/7 whereas the downtown post office, which is where the old box is at, is only open weekdays and 9:30 to noon on Saturdays. 

A forwarding notice will be used for the next twelve months so notices that went out indicating the old address will be forwarded to the new address.

New Member Application Form (Go to Handouts)

Wednesday, July 26
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