Lynnwood Spike It: About Us

Friday, December 14

About Lynnwood Spike It!!!


Kit Singh with the help of Jean Kellogg started Lynnwood Spike It VBC in November 2007 to create opportunities for young athletes, to develop their volleyball skills through practice and competition in order to strenghten surrounding Junior High and High School programs. Volleyball is the epitome of team sports, each individual is important but no one individual can do it alone. As a club we encourage athletes to display good sportsmanship, maintain respect for coaches and teammates, and learn to succeed in a "team" atmosphere.

The goals of the club are:

1.  Promote volleyball in Lynnwood and surrounding areas.

2. Provide young women athletes with an opportunity to participate in a serious training program, learning the latest skills and techniques of the game of volleyball.

3. Allow our athletes to compete against the best teams and athletes in the region.


The club season runs from December through May for non- travelling teams. The month of December is used for conditioning and basic team development. Practice is twice a week and attendance is vital.

Lynnwood Spike It abides by all of the guidelines of eligibility set forth by the USAV, Puget Sound Region, as well as any other guidelines by other organizations, which affect the eligibility of our athletes participating in their respective school teams. Age divisions are as follows, with teams divided along lines of ability:

* U-14: The emphasis of this division is skills implementation and basic team concepts.

* U-16: An equal emphasis is placed on competition, sportsmanship, and recreation.