Lumberton Little League: Welcome

Monday, April 18
Lumberton Little League 2011 Season

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The Lumberton Little League Park is not open to the general public at this time.

The Park will not be open for general use until Saturday, March 19, 2010.

What does this mean to you as manager, parent and adult? While we must get the fields ready for play on March 19, we must use caution. Managers, coaches and other adults are allowed to be at the park readying the fields for use. Please perform these duties during daylight hours when the park is well lit.

Do NOT bring players and other children to the park to run around unsupervised, play in the dirt, hide and seek, etc.

While the main construction is complete, there remains; stray remnants of construction material, unsecured pipes and concrete slabs from the demolition, open culverts and soft mounds of dirt from continuing drainage projects. All vehicles should remain in the main parking lot on firm ground. No one should be driving motor vehicles on any of the fields or within the yellow gated area. All of the above are potential hazards to our players, children and ourselves.

Players and other children should not be at the park at this time. We adults must also be aware and take precautions when working at the park.  

 Individual fields will be cleared for practice by the Baseball Vice-President, Jason Hendry.  


2011 Tryout Schedule 


Softball Instructional League does need to tryout even though that league was not listed on the original handout.  Sorry for any confusion.  Troy


Final Registration Event Has Moved

Parents, The final registration day is Saturday, February 5th from 9 am to 2 pm at StrikeForce Sports.

All registrations received after Sunday, February 6th are subject to the $125.00 late registration fee.

At this point we anticipate approximately 300 players will sign up on Saturday.

Avoid the weather and the lines!!

Online registration is free to you. The only cost is associated with Credit Card payments for which you pay a $3.65 processing fee. If you choose not to pay with a credit card, please feel free to drop a check by our final signup on Saturday, February 5th from 9 am to 2 pm at Walmart.

If you have documents from online registration that you need to give us, please feel free to drop them off at StrikeForce, bring them to tryouts or email them to Troy Martin.  


Little League International has issued a moratorium on composite bats. 

Here is the key piece of text of the ruling:  "Wooden and aluminum metal/alloy bats are not subject to the moratorium. Bats that have only a metal or alloy barrel (and no other material, unless it is in the end cap of the bat), and if it meets the other standards (length, diameter, etc. for the respective division in which it is used) are not subject to the moratorium, regardless of the composition of the handle or the transition to the barrel."

For more information on the moratorium, please visit Little League International's Discussion page


Online Registration is now open.  

If you want to avoid waiting in line during a registration event, please go to our online registration site.   Credit cards are accepted for online registrations only.  There is a service charge of $3.65 for use of credit cards.  If you want to pay by check after registering online, please bring it to one of the registration dates.

Managers and coaches will still need to complete the manual form for submission even if they volunteer using online registration. 

For any questions about online registration, please contact Troy Martin via email. 


Registrations dates are now listed

Registration packets will be available soon on this site.  

Opening Day is scheduled for March 19th.  Please check the calendar for more information. 


Our website address has now become simpler.  Please add the .org address to your bookmarks and forward it to your friends.  

Please join us on Facebook.