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Sunday, January 9

11 & 12 Year Old Open-Base League

Beginning in 2011, Southwest Little League will be participating with all other Little Leagues in Lubbock to offer 11 & 12 year old boys and girls the opportunity to play baseball in an open-base concept league ( base runners can lead off and steal bases). The teams in this league will play games on the same fields as the regular Little League games, but the pitchers mound will be 50 feet (rather than 46 feet) and the bases will be at 70 feet (rather than 60 feet). Registration for this league will be held at the same location and times as the sign-ups for the Southwest Little League. Here are more details about the Open-Base League:

* 50/70 - 50 foot pitcher's mound/ 70 foot bases 

* Bring you own team

* If you do not have a team, a free Agency list will be available

* $85.00 will be the cost per player  

* Each team will play approximately 11 games (weather permitting) 

* Games will be played on approximately 3 or 4 select weekends beginning March 26th through May 21st ( all games will be played on Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays. There will be no games during the weeknights.)

 * On the selected weekends, teams will play approximately 3 games against similar level teams in a round robin tournament

* There will be an end of the season tournament 

* $100 deposit required for teams to sign up. Full fee must be paid by 2/28/11

* Participation in this Open-Base League does NOT qualify the participants to play on any Southwest Little League All-Star team   

 * Only participants in the regular Southwest Little League program will be considered for Southwest Little League All-star teams              

The intent of this league is to provide an opportunity to the 11 & 12 participants to learn and improve upon the open-base concept in a cost effective manner while continuing to participate in Southwest Little League.for additional information, please send an e-mail to