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Practice cancelled for all levels

 Due to the rain not letting up till end of practice time I am cancelling practices for JV and Varsity as to ensure we do not get anyone hurt today on the wet fields with our game tomorrow. Please be at RCTC and Farud#5 by 8:30. Due to the poor conditions of Lourdes fields the C Squad will also be cancelled. Thanks and make sure all of you check out the Varsity game tomorrow at 9:30 versus Duluth Marshall at RCTC. Thanks, Coach Kane





 I have updated the field locations for the Faud complex so the schedules are complete. We have been asked to relay to all parents as RCTC is still under construction thru the fall that no one park on the North side of the stadium. You have to park out in the RCTC lots. The front entrance is slated to be complete by Sept 10th but until then we will use the southwest entrance. When it is complete it will have bathrooms, ticket window, concessions, and entrance to stadium. The locker rooms under the stadium stands will not be done till end of Oct so a next year event for us. We are looking to be a strong squad again this year so hoping for success on all levels. Thanks, Coach Kane







 Due to the weather we are cancelling the morning session today and we will still have the tryout in Soccer World this afternoon. The 7th and 8th graders will automatically report to the C Squad practice tomorrow. Due to the need for help with that team just for the rest of this week we are also moving the C Squad to Southern Woods as then either of the other coaches can assist. We will be discussing our plans for this team tonight at the Parents Meeting. Coach Kane






making a number of changes in the tryout schedule and practice fields. Below is the updated schedule:

Monday 6- 7:30 Southern Woods Tryout #2 for 9th -12th graders

Tues 10 to 11:30am Southern Woods Tryout #3 for all.

Tues 2:30 to 4pm Soccer World Tryout #4 for 9th - 12th graders

Tues 7pm Parents meeting Forum room at Lourdes

The Varsity and Jv will again be practing at Southern Woods this season. We apologize for the incoveinence this causes but we are trying to do what is in the the best interest in the development and safety of the boys. 






  With the weather forecast looking to be stormy the next few days here is our plan. We will try and keep our scheduled times on Monday as looks like there is a good chance we can. If we do have to push back the morning session we will post that here ASAP. Please be flexible with us. Tuesday is looking to be bad so we may have to cancel the morning session. I am working on a plan B with Soccer World for Tuesday night if it is not possible to be outside. Again we will post that here and email all. Thanks for your support and we will see everyone in the morning with gold card in hand. Coach Kane







We are in the final countdown to the start and I just wanted to update you on what the tryouts entail:

This season we are looking like we will have 58 to 60 players. We have currently 17 7th and 8th graders and based on the total number of players C Squad will be 20 to 22. This means 3 to 5 9th graders will also be on CSquad. The JV will be at 20 and Varsity at 18. As always we have movement between the teams and in certain games the varsity fills out their 22 maximum from JV and then the JV would pull from C Squad. This will ensure we reward those who are putting in the effort and work. We never stymie a player so if they show they can dominate a level we will also move them up the ranks. Also, when we do select the teams we will tell the boys if you feel we made a wrong choice that it is up to them to show that we were wrong and provide us the reason to move you up. Same goes for those selected for varsity after selection if we don't see the effort we will make a change the other way. As always we ask that the boys talk to us about it if they don't feel it is right. I prefer they handle it as it not only helps them address authority figures in their life but can be a good lesson for when they have a future job. I am happy to talk to the parents also but would prefer the player talks to us first. We make this point at selection time also with the boys. 

On the 17th for the first one at 10am we will take all field players for some foot skills testing and the keepers will have a session during this time with Coach Sean. Then we will break out into small sided games which involve the keepers to finish. 

 On the 17th night session we scrimmage in the boys preferred position for those in gardes 9-12. We do on occasion ask 8th graders to participate in these scrimmages. 

On the 18th morning agin we concentarte with field players on another area of skill testing and the keepers will have another session. Again we will break out into small sided games. The end of the session the 7th and 8th graders will meet with Coach Jennings to go over practices and the things he expects of them.

On the 18th night scimmage we will place players in positions again for grades 9-12.  At the end of the scrimmage we will at that time announce our selections. We will have a bubble list of 24 for varsity as we have a scrimmage in Blaine that Sat the 22nd, Mayo the 24th, and Century the 25th and after that we will announce the final roster 0f 18,


Thanks, Coach Kane 







Tonya in the Athletic Office has started handing out gold cards so please make sure you are getting all the information in and receiving your gold card. With football starting on the 10th there is push to get them done this week but if you are out of town she will continue handing them out next week. This is a strict requirement that we have a gold card for every player or you will not be allowed to tryout on the 17th. Thanks and see you all on the 17th. Coach Kane








The summer is flying by and today starts the week of camp with the Warburg College Coach having todays session. If you haven't signed up and would still like to come you can do that and just pay him at the field. Tomorrow starts the Lourdes camp thru Friday and it is free and open to all 7th thru 12th graders. These are both optional. 

Lourdes Gold Card information and forms are online so make sure it all taken care and you can get the gold card on the dates 8/4 thru 8/6 from 8am to 3 pm. You will not be allowed to tryout on Aug. 17th without the card. Gary Rolfs has sent you the information on this and physicals if you are due for one.

There is a new baseline test for concussions which will require our entire roster to take a test so you have a baseline on file. It will happen during the first week of practice and I will update you when Darcy and I agree on a date and time.

 I have the previous orders for socks and other apparel for handout this week at camp. If it is not picked up I will have at tryouts. We also opened the window for both apparel online orders and the Sock and Slider shorts orders so if you haven't had a chance yet you can do that this week. Again Gary Rolfs sent you this information.

 Looking for a great season and excited to get started. Coach Kane








I have finished updating the game schedule's and we are now complete. The C squad is busy with 13 games this fall. Thanks to all who came to the Spring meeting and if you know of anyone who didn't attend and needs information on upcoming events please have them email me at tkane97599@aol.com. Thanks, Coach Kane


Thanks to all who bought a jersey or participated in our jersey fundraiser. We raised over our goal and are using that money to buy new varsity jerseys for next season!


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