Louisville Starlings Volleyball Club: Welcome


Louisville Starlings Volleyball Club Mission: Is to provide an equal opportunity for girls, ages 8-18 from diverse socioeconomic environments to play competitive USA Junior Olympic Volleyball. We will engage in physical activity while embracing a holistic approach toward teamwork, emphasizing health, academic achievement, positive life skills, and personal goals setting.

The Louisville Starlings Juniors Volleyball Program is dedicated to advancing volleyball skills and enhancing physical ability while instilling a strong work ethic, desire to win, a positive supportive attitude on and off the court. We are extremely serious about the success of our players and absolutely love what we do. You will see a passion within the Louisville Starlings staff that you will not find with an alternate clubs. Charles Scott, Head Volleyball Coach of Louisville Iroquois High School, leads the staff. The Starlings Juniors Volleyball Program is a non-profit organization that is funded by contributions from donors.

Wednesday, February 19
Above the Net 2014 Brackets and Grid
Hi Coaches and Parents; Please take a look at the attached Above the Net 2014 Brackets/Grid. All the Above the ...

Wednesday, February 19
Above the Net 2014 Brackets XCell

Brackets In Excell
Handout: Above the Net 2014 Brackets XC

Wednesday, February 26
Above The Net 2014 Final Standing & Codes
Hi Directors & Coaches; A special thanks to all of you and your teams for participating in the "Above the Net" ...