Lonoke SharkRockets: Welcome

Sunday, July 17

The Lonoke Sharkrocket Swim Team is a summer league swim team.  Our home pool is the Lonoke Community Center.  We are a member of the Central Arkansas Swim League.  Other teams in our league are Saline County Barracudas, Cabot Piranhas, Conway Crocodiles, Lakewood Waves, Maumelle Marlins, Otter Creek Otters, and Sherwood Sharks.  Meets begin in early June.  We have five regular season meets on Saturday mornings.   There is not a meet over the 4th of July weekend.  Our season ends with the Meet of Champs at UALR.    

 Swimmers compete in appropriate age divisions for bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels. All new swimmers begin at the bronze level.  As their times improve, they move into the silver, gold and platnium levels.  All platinum, gold and silver swimmers qualify for the Meet of Champs.  At least eight bronze swimmers will also qualify in each event.   

There are many benefits to swimming.  Swimming is not only fun, it is great exercise.  Swimmers build strength and endurance.  Many of the kids really notice this in other sports they compete in.   We also stress the importance of good sportsmanship.  Good sportsmanship is practiced during practice and at meets.  The Lonoke Sharkrockets have won the Central Arkansas Swim League Sportsmanship Award!     

We strive to make swimming a fun experience for every member of the team.  This goes for parents as well as kids.  Our meets are run by parents, so there are many ways for everyone to be involved.  There is information about all parent jobs located in the handout section of the web site. 

 For more information, please contact Tara Bennett at lonokesharkrockets@gmail.com.


 2016 Platinum Swimmer

Kayla McGee: freestyle, back, breast, IM

2016 Gold Swimmers

Tristan Bennett: freestyle, breaststroke, IM

Peyton Blackard: beaststroke, butterfly, IM

Tanner Edwards: butterfly

James Evans: freestyle, backstroke, fly

Kanon Williams: butterfly, IM

Jackson Mason: back

2016 Silver Swimmers

Tristan Bennett: backstroke, butterfly

Peyton Blackard: freestyle, backstroke

Tanner Edwards: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke,IM

James Evans: breast, IM

Matthew Boyles: breaststroke

Jackson Mason: freestyle, IM

Kanon Williams: freestyle, breaststroke

Emily Armstrong: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, IM






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