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Saturday, August 25
At the PLATE...
Count/Situation Hitter's Pitch Expectation Expected Batting Average
0-0 Fastball (good pitch to hit) .318
0-1 Pitcher's choice (stay away from 0-2) .238
0-2 Protect the plate (often a waste pitch) .094
1-0 Fastball (tighten the strike zone) .359
1-1 Pitcher's choice (don't panic; get a good pitch to hit) .282
1-2 Protect the plate (put the ball in play) .166
2-0 Fastball (great hitter's count) .373
2-1 Fastball (pitcher doesn't want to go to 3-1) .366
2-2 Pitcher's best pitch (protect the plate) .316
3-0 Fastball (pitch in hitter's best zone only) .250
3-1 Fastball (great hitter's count) .365
3-2 Typically fastball (be ready to hit; pitcher doesn't want to walk you) .263

Saturday, August 25
On the BAGS...
Baserunning begins in the dugout:
  • before the game you should be observing the opponent in their pregame drills are they left or right handed? speed? quickness? accuracy? footwork?
  • watch the catcher for quickness of release, arm strength, accuracy, footwork
  • watch the pitcher warming up for any flaws such as a high leg kick or slow break of the hands  
  • Smart baserunning wins many games and bad running loses many
  • Run out EVERY hit no matter where it goes; NOTHING can be taken for granted in baseball
  • Tag up on all foul balls

Monday, November 16
FURY advances to 12u Finals!

Congrats to the boys for advancing to next week's 12u FINALS!!!  The FURY came out Sunday and knocked out the #1 seed from the Blue Bracket in a 2 game Playoff out scoring them 13 - 5!  They had only 3 losses on the year and had won most of their games by mercy.  They had 2 dominating Pitchers, but the FURY bats came to play!  The Pitchers did their job all day long and the defense did well with just 2 minor hiccups to give up a few runs.

Next up is the #1 seed from the Red Bracket that only has 1 loss on the year.  Let's crank up the intensity and win another Championship!

Great job FURY!!!!

Wednesday, March 11
U.S.T.B.A. - Grand Slam Beach Bash 11u

Wednesday, January 14

Thursday, December 4

Monday, November 24
Thanksgiving ELITE NIT - 11/28 - 30

Wednesday, November 5
USSSA Veteran's Day NIT - 11/8 & 9 - 2nd PLACE

Thursday, November 13
Jake #17 "Player of the Week" 10-17

Monday, November 3
Anthony "CRUSHER" #21 "FURY Player of the Week" 11/3

B-Day:  June 22nd, 1998

Favorite Team:  Angels

Favorite Player: Francisco Rodriguez

Favorite Food:  EVERYTHING!!!

Favorite Artist:  Kanye West

Favorite Movie:  Pearl Harbor

Favorite Video Game:   Medal of Honor & Call of Duty

Bats - Right / Throws:  Right

Anthony is ALWAYS an inspirational leader on the FURY!  He is the 1st to every practice, puts in a lot of extra time and his hard work continues to pay off.  Anthony brings excellent work ethic and shows his team mates through his actions how to Focus and dedicate yourself.  When pitching this big righthander brings big time off-speed pitches to compliment his fastball.  At the dish Anthony is becoming one of our most dangerous hitters - crushing pitchers! Defensively he helps us at 1st providing a big target for our fielders as well as behind the dish as an always improving catcher.  Anthony is a big part of FURY!

preview dangerous by kanye

Sunday, October 12
Alex #16 FURY Player of the Week Oct.12th

Wednesday, October 29
USSSA O.C. Classic - 11/1 & 2 - CHAMPIONS!!!

Tuesday, September 30
U.S.T.B.A. Oktoberfest - 4th & 5th - CHAMPIONS

Sunday, September 14
USSSA Back To School Classic 9/20 & 9/21- CHAMPIONS!

Monday, October 6
TCS Qualifier - 10u - Oct. 18th & 19th

Wednesday, August 27
USSSA Labor Day Classic 8/30 - 9/1