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FURY Elite.... can you FEEL the FURY??? - Year 5

The Long Beach Fury Travel team is a group of Athletes that have come together from the local Long Beach, Cypress, Los Alamitos, Manhatton Beach, Placentia, Orange, Lake Forest and Redondo Beach. We are looking forward to growing together as a TEAM and as a FAMILY.

L.B. FURY has 6 experienced Coaches that will be teaching the boys the tools they will need to compete this year.  We will also be pushing these boys to be the best they can be on and off of the field as they represent FURY baseball and Southern California.

This is the 4th Year for the FURY Family and it looks to be even better then thier amazing 1st 3 years when they took the local area by surprise as well as making a name as a true National power.  Coach Dylan is in his 2nd run with Travel Ball.  He took his 1st Team from 8u all the way through High School and now he is back to do it all again.  His 1st Team finished in the Top 10 at Nationals 7 times with 3 Top 5 finishes.  He also spent 3 years Coaching High School in which he built the team and in his 3rd year won the CIF Championship.  With his dedication and the financial sponsorships that FURY has acquired this team is built for a 5 - 8 year run at the top!

Fury will be playing every weekend looking to strengthen our skills. Tournaments will start September and continue through the end of November.  We will take a short break to rest the boys and then get back in the Dirt the 3rd week of December. 

Long Beach FURY went to COOPERSTOWN 2009!!!!!  This is an Elite Tournament where only the Best of the Best are accepted.  We represented the entire West Coast as we played for the HALL Of FAME CHAMPIONSHIP and remained the #1 Team in the entire Country through 7 games only giving up 5 runs!

2010 saw us go to the USSSA Elite World Series where again the FURY showed National dominance.  Through the middle of the Tournament FURY was the overall leader but some bad luck hit the boys and they lost 2 in a row ending the Tournament with the 9th overall record but tied for 17th due to the sudden knockout.  Never the less the FURY Athletes earned a great deal of respect on the National stage by winning their Pool in a dominating fashion. 

2011 FURY expanded!  The Red team went to Cooperstown and made it to the Elite 8.  The Elite team won the Silver Medal at the AAU Grand National Championships!

With a couple of key off season signings this year is looking like it could be the best year yet in the history of FURY Elite Baseball!

Come on out and support your... FURY ELITE!!!!!!

FURY Champions!!!

Monday, July 6
FURY Practices

2012 FURY Practice Schedule 


FURY Elite: Friday's 6:00 - 8:00 @ LIFELETICS Baseball Academy in Huntington Beach

FURY Elite: Sundays 8:00 - 10:30 @ Siglar Park in Westminster 

The FURY Elite Team is extremely proud to announce that we are now the LIFELETICS FURY Elite!  We have partnered up the one of the Nations top Baseball Training Facilities.  

Please take the time to check out:


This is an extremely exciting time for FURY Baseball!

Coach Dylan (562) 824-1600 or 

Monday, April 14
Long Beach FURY Sponsorship Opportunity & FUNdraising

FURY Salsa is here!!!  You've tasted it - now you've got to have it!  You can have it for your chips, tacos, burritos, burgers, pizza, its GREAT ON EVERYTHING!

$20.00 per order


FURY Kila Sandals!  It's 6 pairs of women's sandals in one!  Girls, you can match every outfit in your closet with the KILA sandal.  You get 1 pair of wedge sandals and 6 pairs of straps for just $20.00!


FURY Family nights at participating restaurants!  We will be posting upcoming locations soon, so stay tuned in!!!

Handout: Long Beach FURY Sponsorship Opportunity

Tuesday, July 24
What is FURY about?


1. Give your best, 100% effort - always!

2. Hustle.   On a baseball field, walking is prohibited. We hustle and run at all times! A team that hustles is a team that plays with enthusiasm. Hustle does not require awesome talent; it requires simple commitment and desire. Regardless of whom we play, it is our goal to out-hustle our opponents.

3. Support your teammates.   Baseball is a team game. Encourage your teammates if they struggle and cheer for them when they do well. Champions know the value of positive support for each other.

4. Think Baseball.   Focus. Whether in a game, scrimmage, or practice, concentrate and learn from all baseball situations.

5. Master the fundamentals.   Learn the basic skills. He who practices hard becomes a good game day player.

6. Make every mistake a learning tool.   Mistakes are common in baseball. Errors are part of the game. What sets winning teams apart from others is attitude. When a mistake is made, forgive yourself, and learn from the experience.

7. Know what you are going to do before you do it!   Anticipate each pitch and fielding situation by knowing your specific assignment and anticipating the ball being hit to you.

8. Demonstrate good sportsmanship.   Be a good sport. Show respect for opponents, officials, and fans. Champions win and lose together with honor and respect.

9. Be a good communicator.   There is a time to talk and a time to listen--know the diffrence. Be attentive and listen to your coaches. Respond positively to direction and instruction.

10. Develop loyalty. Championship teams understand what it means to be a team player. Always put team goals above individual statistics.

Tuesday, August 21


Grey Fanatic - $12.00  2XL $13.00  3XL  $14.00

Red Coach Style - $28.00 adult / $20.00 youth (these are loose Under Armour)

Grey Tank - $14.00  2XL $14.00  3XL  $15.00



Hats - $14.00

Visors - $15.00

Beanies - $20.00


FURY logo - $6.00


Pants - $24.00


Monday, January 10
FURY Spring 2011 Tournament Schedule


8th & 9th - FURY Warm Up Tournament Fundraiser, Westminster - Both ELITE & RED Teams

15th - 17th - USSSA MLK Super NIT, West Covina - FURY Elite

29th & 30th - USSSA State Championships, West Covina - Both ELITE & RED Teams


12th - Double Header, Manhattan Beach - FURY Elite 

19th - 21st - USSSA President's Day Super NIT, West Covina - Both ELITE & RED Teams

26th & 27th - FURY Tournament Fundraiser, Garden Grove - Both ELITE & RED Teams



9th & 10th - AAU Super NIT, Huntington Beach - Both ELITE & RED Teams


29th - 31st - USSSA Memorial Day Super NIT, West Covina - Both ELITE & RED Teams


18th - 24th - COOPERSTOWN, New York - FURY Elite RED


*Every month we will be playing a MINIMUM of 2 Tournaments as well as scheduling Double Header "Friendlies" on either Saturdays or Sundays.  Please confirm with your Coach any possible schedule conflicts as early as possible for each month ahead of time - thank you!

Sunday, January 24
Long Beach FURY Spring 2010 Tournament Schedule

Saturday, July 4
2009 Fall FURY Tournament Schedule

Sunday, November 30
Long Beach FURY Spring 2009 Tournament Schedule

Tuesday, August 26
Long Beach FURY Fall 2008 Tournament Schedule

Monday, January 7
Long Beach FURY Spring 2008 TOURNAMENTS

Tuesday, October 9
Long Beach FURY 2007 Tournaments