London A.E.K. FC: Supporters

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AEK London FC
Crabby Joes Bar & Grill

AEK London's Official Watering Hole !
Everything is tasty at Crabby's !
Crabby Joes Bar & Grill

Harry's Open Kitchen

IT doesn't get any better than this people. A 5 out of 5 spoon rating, as the best greasy spoon in town. No Diner is Finer!

AEK London FC would like to thank Mr. Tom and everyone at Harry's Open Kitchen for all their support from the beginning and all that they've done for our Football Club

Birani Homes Ltd.

Built on hard work! AEK London FC would like to thank Birani Homes for all there their support.
Birani Homes

Oliver and Associates

If you're ever thinking of buying or selling a home in London to get closer to Southdale Road to catch all that AEK action. Y'all know who to call. Ask for any agent, they're all AEK fans, and tell 'em we sent ya.
Oliver and Associates

Shoppers Drugmart

AEK London FC would like to thank and recognize The Shoppers Drugmart on the intersection of Wharncliffe Rd. and Baseline Rd. in London Ontario for keeping us healthy and clean !
Shoppers Drugmart

The Rolling Stones

AEK London FC would Like to thank Kieph, Mick, Ronnie, Charlie and the rest of the boys for all their support throughout the years. No body rocks harder than AEK and the Stones!
AEK - Rolling Stones

Absolute Vodka

Absolutely Original! The official beverage
of AEK supporters all around the world. Be sure to "Prime right up" before and after the match!
Absolute AEK
Only AEK winning tastes better!

Crowe Brand

Roll 'em if you got 'em ! The Official papers of "Gate 21" and "Original" fan clubs all over the world! "Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Cigerettes are tasty"
Crowe Brand


We would like to thank chicks in general for being chicks. We know you love us, and we love you too !
AEK - Cheerleaders