Liverpool Little League: Batting Cage

Monday, February 3
Batting Cage 2014 season
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Monday, February 3


1. Only authorized adult managers and coaches may supervise and run the cage.

To be authorized, you must:

A. Have a Little League volunteer form on file.

B. Have passed the background check performed by Liverpool Little League.

C. Have a Batting Cage Contract on file with Liverpool Little League

2. Eligible participants include players in Liverpool Little League.

3. Only adults can feed the pitching machines or pitch BP.

4. The operator/pitcher must use an “L” fence protector.

5.  There shall be no unattended players allowed in the batting cage.

6. Only one batter and one machine operator/pitcher are allowed in the cage at a time.

7. All batters must wear a helmet.

8.  Before placing the ball into the pitching machine, the adult will hold the ball up to obtain eye contact with the batter.  It is strongly recommended that the player signify readiness by saying “Ready” in a loud voice.

9.   Machines must be turned off while balls are being retrieved in the cage.

10.  Players will enter and exit the cage through the proper location.  When not in a cage, all players should remain outside and away from the batting cage netting.  They may sit on the benches provided until their turn.

11.  On game days, teams that are playing can use one half of the batting cage one hour before game time

12. Batting cage is for team or group use only, not individual use.

13.  No climbing on the netting or surrounding fence. Kids need to be in direct sight of the coaches at all times.

14.  Players outside the cage should not distract or talk with players on the Major or A-ball League fields during games.  They are to stay away from the outfield fence.  A coach should be outside the batting cage to keep players away.

15.  No Food or Drink allowed inside the batting cage.

16.  No unsupervised “practice swinging” is permitted immediately inside or outside the cage area.

17.  Only plastic balls may be used for Soft Toss/Batting Tees on the outside of the cage.

18. When departing and there is no one waiting to use the cage immediately after you, please put all equipment back to its original place. Any equipment placed outside the fencing must be placed back in.  The cage areas must be cleaned up after each use.  Last person to use cage must shut off power via the switch on the 2nd floor of Concession Stand.

19.  Each team must keep to their allocated times as assigned by the Batting Cage Coordinator.  Clean-up must begin 5 minutes before the end of your session and you must be out of the cage at the end of your hour.  (Batting Cage clock is official time)

20.  The doors to the batting cage must be locked after use. (If no other team is waiting to enter)  Double check the doors to be sure they are secured

21. If an incident, damage to equipment, or accident happens, a Liverpool Little League Board Member must be notified immediately. Phone numbers are posted inside the cage.

22. The Liverpool Little League Board can close the cage at any time for any reason.

23. Misuse of any kind will be cause for denying anyone future use of the batting cage.

24.  If you are not going to use your alloted time in the Batting Cage or are requesting additional time, please notify the Batting Cage Coordinator via email at 

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