Lincroft Flag Football: Welcome

Sunday, September 3
2017 Lincroft Flag Football

Lincroft Flag Football League 2017 Season

 In the event of a rain out this page will ONLY be updated the morning of scheduled games at 7:45  

Schedules and rules are located on the upper left hand side of web page 

First team listed on schedule is visiting team and will where dark uniforms, home team whites  


Dear Lincroft Flag Football Parents, 
Please see the email below from the Middletown Recreation Department.
Thank you.
The LFF Board
To:Lincroft Flag Football
Subject: Lincroft Flag Football 



This past Sunday, Lincroft flag football started.  We have been informed by the BOE staff of issues with cars parking all over the place, in fire lanes and other areas where they shouldn't park.  Please remind participants that they must park in designated spaces.  Let them know there is more parking at Nut Swamp if needed. 


Faliure to cooperate may result in a ticket or possible towing




Jim F


Jim Foligno

Middletown Recreation  


e-mail address  for all correspondence  

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