Lincoln MAGIC Volleyball: Club Updates

Saturday, November 22
Lincoln TEAMMAGIC is very proud of ALL who have selected to play volleyball with us.  Practice schedules will be out this week.  Official TEAM practices, jump/speed training and skills clinics all begin the first week of December.  Remember that we train HARD in December while others rest.  Your dedication in December is what takes you to the next level in January.  Thank You parents for getting your players to practices!!!

MAGIC has the best equipment!

Magic has purchased the brand new latest and greatest training machine - the AcuSpike! Magic TEAMs for the 2015 club season will be able to train using this new machine!


The AcuSpike Team Trainer is a new multi-ball, self-reloading volleyball spike and vertical jump training machine designed for team or individual use.

AcuSpike's innovative ball reloading system and reload hopper allow for endless hitting; when one ball is hit, another ball is automatically loaded in position for the next hitter, with no human intervention required.

An adjustable hand crank and ruled height indicator make it easy to set and monitor vertical jump progress.

Along with the ATTACK II and AIRCAT, Lincoln TEAMMAGIC is staying a step ahead in training their athletes!!!

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