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Monday, June 30

We have decided to expand our Annual Garage Sale this summer and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We are trying to raise funds to get a "NEW" Sign for the front of our complex. We would like to get an


and this years garage sales income is going to help pay for it.

This is where you can help. We NEED ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING that you would like to donate to our garage sale. See the attached flyer for information.

PLEASE assist us in this venture. With all the construction and then the new traffic that will be going by, we feel we need to let everyone know we are here by getting this sign.

Thank YOU ALL in advance.


WHEN: Friday August 1st (12:00 – 5:00) and Saturday August 2nd (8:00 – 2:00)

WHERE: At the MAGIC Complex

Please bring all donated items to the Magic complex between July 7th and July 31st. Evenings (after 5:00PM) are the best time to drop items off. If you want to drop off on Fridays or weekends, call Will at 402-560-9109 and he will meet you.

Can’t make it to the complex but have items you want to donate?  Email Daneyelle Schneider ( or Juli Rosso ( and they will arrange pick up!

We will also need volunteers to work the sale! There will be a sign up sheet at Magic so please encourage your girls to sign up!!

I really would like to thank Daneyelle and Juli for spearheading this project.  


Handout: Garage Sale

Wednesday, March 19
15 THUNDER - 2nd Place!

2nd Place: 15 THUNDER at the Lou's/Nebraska Sports Classic in Fremont

Wednesday, March 19
13 INFERNO - 3rd Place!

3rd Place: 13 INFERNO at the NWU March Madness at Wesleyan

Wednesday, March 19
13 FLASH - 2nd Place!

2nd Place: 13 FLASH at the NWU March Madness(14S) at Wesleyan

Monday, March 10
16 VERSACE - 3rd Place!

3rd Place: 16 VERSACE at the NWU Festival (18S) at Wesleyan

Monday, March 10
13 INFERNO - 2nd place!

2nd Place: 13 INFERNO at the NWU Festival at Wesleyan

Sunday, March 9
14 SHOCK - 3rd place!

3rd Place: 14 SHOCK at The Oasis March Wind at Oasis

Tuesday, February 25
14 SWAGGER - Congratulations MAGIC! Feb 23

1st Place: 14 SWAGGER at the The Fun has Begun 15S at MAGIC in Lincoln

Saturday, February 22
13 FLASH - Congratulations MAGIC! Feb 22

1st Place: 13 FLASH at the The Fun has Begun at MAGIC in Lincoln

3rd Place: 13 INFERNO at the The Fun has Begun at MAGIC in Lincoln

3rd Place:  12 ACERS at the Elite Sports and Fitness Classis at Elite

3rd Place:  15 THUNDER at the Elite Sports and Fitness Classic at Elite

Sunday, February 16
Congratulations MAGIC teams! Feb 16

1st Place:  16 VERSACE at the "Bellevue Jam 17S" in Bellevue

1st Place: 13 FLASH at the "HardBlock Valentine Blitz 14S" in Fremont

1st Place: 12 ACERS at the "Sweetheart Special" in Platteview

3rd Place:  14 UNLEASHED at the "The Courts VBC Classic I" at the Courts

3rd Place:  13 INFERNO at the "Sweetheart Special" at Platteview

Sunday, February 9
Congratulations MAGIC teams! Feb 8/9

1st place: 14 SWAGGER at the "The Oasis February Snowball" at Oasis

3rd place: 14 UNLEASHED at the "The Oasis February Snowball" at Oasis

3rd place:  16 VERSACE at the "HC Round UP" at Hastings College

3rd place:  18 TRIBUTE at the "HC Round UP" at Hastings College  

Sunday, February 2
Congratulations MAGIC teams! Feb 1/2

3rd place: 14 CRUSH at the "Bellevue Digfest" in Bellevue

Sunday, January 26
Congratulations MAGIC teams! Jan 25/26

1st place: 14 SHOCK at the "Birthday Bash" in Omaha

1st place:  15 THUNDER at the  "NWU Snowflake" at Nebraska Wesleyan University Lincoln


1st place: 12 BLACK at the "The Oasis January Snowflake" at Oasis

2nd place: 16 VERSACE at the "Elite Sports & Fitness Classic" at Elite

3rd place: 13 FLASH at the "Spikes Challenge" in Lincoln  

Sunday, January 19
Congratulations MAGIC teams! Jan 18/19

What a way to start the season at January 19th Tournaments

1st place:  18 TRIBUTES at the "The Oasis January Challenge" at Oasis

2nd place:  16 MISSFITS at "Let the Games Begin" at MAGIC

2nd place:  13 FLASH at "Bellevue Winterfest" at Bellevue schools

MAGIC has the best equipment!

Magic has purchased the brand new latest and greatest training machine - the AcuSpike! Magic TEAMs for the 2014 club season will be able to train using this new machine!


The AcuSpike Team Trainer is a new multi-ball, self-reloading volleyball spike and vertical jump training machine designed for team or individual use.

AcuSpike's innovative ball reloading system and reload hopper allow for endless hitting; when one ball is hit, another ball is automatically loaded in position for the next hitter, with no human intervention required.

An adjustable hand crank and ruled height indicator make it easy to set and monitor vertical jump progress.

Along with the ATTACK II and AIRCAT, Lincoln TEAMMAGIC is staying a step ahead in training their athletes!!!

Monday, December 9
Lincoln TEAMMAGIC practices have started.

 TEAM practices start the week of Dec 9th.  TEAM practices are mandatory.   ALL players should attend BOTH jump/speed sessions on Wednesdays and Saturdays UNTIL TOURNAMENTS BEGIN!


Saturday, February 22
Lincoln Teammagic Volleyball Club

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