Lincoln MAGIC Volleyball: Club Updates

Monday, October 16
What You Get 2018

See Handout on Club Update page or TEAMMAGIC "U" page.  It lists our playing and training programs for 2018.              Please call/email for more info. 

Will 402-560-9109

Email:  or 

Monday, October 16
What You Get 2018
Handout: What you get 2018

Friday, October 6
TEAMMAGIC and TEAMMAGIC "U" are excited to get the upcoming season started!!! Entering our 18th season training volleyball players!!!

EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO PLAY AT TEAMMAGIC!  NO TRYOUTS, NO CUTS! PLEASE EMAIL or CALL Will for more information.   "NEW" email: or use the old:

Call Will at 402-560-9109 

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