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Lincoln Heat Team Picture 2014
2014 Lincoln Heat Teams (Photo Courtesy All-Star Sports Photography)


Welcome to the Lincoln Heat Website!

Purchase Lincoln Heat Merchandise Online!

The Lincoln Heat Team Shop for online purchases of Lincoln Heat merchandise is now temporarily open for business.  Lincoln Heat t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, stadium seats, and other merchandise items are available.  Because of ordering deadlines, the site is only open until April 23rd, 2014.  Items are expected to ship the week of May 19th. 

2014 Lincoln Heat 10s Has Roster Opening

We have one opening on our 2014 Lincoln Heat 10s team.  Contact Head Coach Darin Petersen ( for more information.

Photo by Lincoln Heat Alumni Player Connor Dahlke

Lincoln Heat Window Stickers

If you would like to have a Lincoln Heat window sticker, our reorder of additional stickers has been received. Stickers are $5.00 and if you are interested, please e-mail Andy Wilke.

Interested in Sponsoring the Lincoln Heat?

If you are interested in sponsoring the Lincoln Heat, or know an individual or company that would like to sponsor our teams, information on sponsorships can be found below, or in the Handouts section. Sponsorship funding will be put to good use, enabling our teams to participate in tournaments, purchase quality equipment for our players, and used for umpire fees and field rentals. We are a non-profit organization, and all funding goes back to the teams and the kids. We proudly recognize our sponsors by displaying them on our team banners at all games, and also on the Lincoln Heat Web site. At the end of the season, we recognize each sponsor with a gift as a thanks for their generosity.

Our policy on fund raising/sponsorship is as follows, which can be found within our Lincoln Heat Team Rules:

Fund Raising/Sponsorship
Unlike other select teams, we would prefer not to have fund raisers and instead rely on sponsorships. With help from parents and family members, we can reach many more sponsorship opportunities. We are a non-profit organization and any sponsorship goes directly to the teams. At the end of the year, we will recognize each sponsor with a gift. If sponsors are limited, a Fund Raising Committee will be formed. This group would be responsible for organizing a quick return fund raiser that would not require the players involved in any marketing venture, such as selling magazines or candy over a several week period.

Handout: Lincoln Heat Sponsorship Information 2014

Where Do I Send my Check?

All Lincoln Heat player deposits and participant fees should be sent to:

Lincoln Heat
P.O. Box 67046
Lincoln, NE 68506-7046

Please make your check out to "Lincoln Heat". Thank you!


Looking for Game Schedules?

Game schedules will be listed on each team's web site.

For 10's, click Lincoln Heat Teams, then Lincoln Heat 10U
For 11's, click Lincoln Heat Teams, then Lincoln Heat 11U
For 12's, click Lincoln Heat Teams, then Lincoln Heat 12U
For 13's, click Lincoln Heat Teams, then Lincoln Heat 13U
For 14's, click Lincoln Heat Teams, then Lincoln Heat 14U

Game schedules will be listed under Heat (age group) Game Schedule.
Practices and games will be listed on each team's Calendar.


This Week in Baseball Theme - John Scott

Lincoln Heat History

The Lincoln Heat baseball program was formed in 2002 to teach the fundamentals of baseball, commitment to individual and team development, sportsmanship, and most important to have fun playing competitive baseball. In the 2003 inaugural year, the Lincoln Heat fielded a single 11-year-old team. In 2004 and 2005, the Heat fielded two teams. In 2006, the Heat added two teams to field 11, 12, 13 and 14-year-old teams. In 2008, the Heat added a 9-year-old team to field a full six-team organization with teams from 9 to 14 years-old.

The Heat baseball program plays from the beginning of April through the middle of July, and does not play as many games as the 65-90 game schedule of other select teams. This gives the young men on the team the opportunity to play at a competitive level and still be young men. Out of town travel for the program is limited, with most games within a 60-mile radius of Lincoln. Unless the teams are playing in a tournament, the program also does not typically play on both weekend days, leaving important weekend time for family. Practices will run approximately twice weekly depending upon game schedules and weather conditions. A significant time and financial commitment is required by each player and his family to ensure the program's success. Practice begins in the fall and continues indoors through the winter months.

Although the program does not play as many games, this does not mean that the program is not fully committed to the development of the young men as baseball players. We have never been, and will never be a "win at all costs" organization. We want to have fun and we want to win, but the goal of our organization has always been this: to prepare our players and give them the skills and fundamentals to have a fighting chance to make their high school baseball teams. In 2007, the first year that our players had graduated from our program and on to high school baseball, every player that tried out for their high school team was selected to the freshman or reserve teams. Since then, several of our players have excelled in high school, not only on the baseball field but in the classroom and in other sports besides baseball. Some of our former players have gone on to play not only college baseball, but college football, college track and college tennis. This is something that as an organization our Board and coaches are extremely proud of, and is a testament to the hard work that our players have put in over the years to make themselves better. We are just as proud of our former Heat players that have a 4.0 average and are outstanding citizens as we are of our former Heat players that were All-City and All-State. There are many life lessons found in the sport of baseball. At some point - hopefully a long time in the future - we all "hang up the glove". We want to help prepare these young men for life outside of baseball, too.

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Lincoln Heat Baseball


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