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Wednesday, August 24
Fall 2011
IN-TOWN FALL SOCCER BEGINS 9/10/2011.  Lincoln In-Town Soccer will start up on Saturday, September 10th.  Kindergarteners will begin at 8:00 a.m. and meet on the Smith Field.  First and Second Graders will begin at 9:00 a.m. and meet at Smith Field. The practices run for one hour. 
WHAT’S IN-TOWN SOCCER ALL ABOUT? In-Town Soccer offers players and parents alike an opportunity on a Saturday morning to have fun, get exercise, learn to work together as a team, and play soccer.  The emphasis is on having fun in a safe environment, a philosophy that has been at the center of the Lincoln In-Town Soccer program since its inception three decades ago.  This philosophy helps create a warm and welcoming athletic experience for players and parents, regardless of skill level. 
SMALL TEAMS:  Coaching concepts for this age group have developed over the years away from large-group activities (picture the “soccer scrum” or “amoeba”) and toward small teams.  In the small team format, the players are divided into groups of 8-10 players who play a variety of games together designed to help them get comfortable with the soccer ball, begin to build the concept of team play, and – as always – have fun. For older players with more advanced skills, the emphasis also includes team play and learning to compete in a sportsmanlike way.  
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  Parents are encouraged to participate actively in soccer practices.  Parents - please come with your sneakers on!  If you are interested in helping to coach a small team, please contact Chris Perry, In-Town Coordinator, at 617-821-1516 (Cell), 781-259-1180 (home) or at his email address (
TO REGISTER FOR IN-TOWN SOCCER:  Please register in advance of the first practice if possible at  Click on "Registration."
Christopher Perry, In-Town Coordinator
23 Old Farm Road
Lincoln, Massachusetts  01773
Cell:  617-821-1516
Home:  781-259-1180

In-town soccer 101

WELCOME TO IN-TOWN SOCCER !If you are a parent of a kindergartener through second grader who might be interested in Lincoln Youth Soccer, read on! Lincoln In-Town Soccer has been providing a fun way for young players to have fun, develop fundamental soccer skills, such as passing and ball handling, and learn to play as a team for more than thirty years.The Pre-K In-Town Soccer program is only offered in the Spring.

IN-TOWN SOCCER has a Fall and Sring season.  The Fall season begins in early September and runs to the middle of November.  The Spring season starts in the beginning of April and ends in the middle of June. 

SMALL TEAMS: Each In-Town Soccer player plays on a small team of 6-8 players of his or her peers. Each team will have its own name and its own T-shirt. The benefits of the small teams are that players get more touches on the ball, they have a stronger sense of playing with a team, they learn the feel of team soccer…and the T-shirts are cool! We try to make the teams evenly weighted in terms of girls and boys and skill levels.

FORMAT OF EACH PRACTICE: Practices for pre-k are from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. and are only offered in the Spring.  Practices for kindergarten and first grade teams last from 9-10 a.m. on Saturday mornings during the fall and spring. For second graders, practices start at 8:30 a.m. and end at 10 a.m. Parent volunteers coach the teams. The practice format is roughly as follows: a group fun run followed perhaps by large group activities and games (10-15 minutes); water break if it is hot (5 minutes); divide into small teams for skills-oriented games (i.e., dribble around cones, moving and passing, one-on-one, two-on-two, three-on-three, shooting, etc.) (15 minutes); water break (5 minutes); scrimmage, either within a small team, or between members of two different small teams, but always limiting the number of players in each game to six in total – three per side (or four-on-four at the very most) (15-20 minutes); coach pep talk at the end (2 minutes).

REGISTRATION: Registration is open in the Spring and Fall.  

I hope to see you on Saturday mornings.

Chris Perry

 In-Town Soccer Coordinator

23 Old Farm Road (off of Lexington Road ) Lincoln 781-259-1180

Thursday, September 9
In-town Uniform Information
Each year your child participates in In-town soccer he/she will receive a team shirt with the cost of registration. Yellow shorts and socks will be available for purchase on the first day of in-town directly after practice. Please bring a check or cash for your purchase, shorts $9 and socks $4 (correct change is appreciated).
Thank you!

Wednesday, September 8
What if the weather is bad?

If the weather is supposed to be rainy and cold there is a rule of thumb regarding when In-Town Soccer will play.

First, check the Lincoln Recreation Department web site. If the fields are open as of 7 a.m. on Saturday morning, then you should assume that soccer practice will be offered.

There are certain situations in which the decision is made to cancel soccer practice in advance, and generally that decision is announced via email on Friday night - sometimes late.

So in addition to checking the Lincoln Rec Dept web site on Saturday morning, check your email for a rain announcement. 

Call or email Chris Perry, In-Town Coordinator, with questions:; home 781-259-1180; cell 617-821-1516