Lincoln Youth Soccer: Uniforms

Monday, September 6
When and how to order uniforms

When:  If your child plays travel soccer for LYS and has outgrown their old uniform or is starting as a new player, at any age, for LYS.  ( A child in the in-town program DOES NOT need to order a uniform).  Please note that we have a limited supply of extras.  If we do not have what you need in stock it takes 2-3 weeks once the order is made.

When ordering a sweatshirt, please be sure to order one size larger than you would normally order.  

How:  Please click on the link below and you will be taken to our uniform and registration web site.

 Sign in as you would when registering your child to play.  Click on purchase next to your child's name.  Choose the items you need and check out.  This order will be submitted to our uniform coordinator and he/she will make the order through our uniform contacts.  Once the uniform is in the uniform coordinator will call you to pick it up or if there are many items for one team, all items will be given to the coach of your team for disbursements. 


Please note:  Uniforms change every couple of years due to manufacturing changes.  We will start the new uniforms with the incoming 3rd grade teams and replace any new orders with the new uniforms.  You are not required, nor is it necessary to replace a uniform because other kids are getting new uniforms.  If the uniform fits, keep on wearing it.  As long as LYS uniforms stay dark green all is good.

Questions? e-mail the uniform coordinator.   


Saturday, May 29
Uniform Questions?

Contact Melissa Brooks -

If you need a new uniform click on this link: in and click on purchase next to your child's name.  Pre-k to 2nd graders do not need to order uniforms.

If you need to get a number placed on a new shirt go to: 

Tricon Sports Shop  

415 Waltham Street
Lexington, MA 02421-7931
(781) 861-8921

Tell them that you are from Lincoln Youth Soccer and they will place the number on at no additional charge.  Please use the same number that you have. 



Wednesday, September 8
Lincoln Youth Soccer Sweatshirts
When ordering a sweatshirt, please be sure to order one size larger than you would normally order. 

Monday, May 23
Frequently asked questions about uniforms?

1.  Does my in-town child need to order a uniform?

No.  A shirt is included in the registration fee.  Your child may wear any shorts he/she wishes to wear.  You may order soccer socks from the website or you may purchase them at any sporting good store.

 2.  Do I need to order a uniform for my 3rd grader? 

Yes.  Every third grader needs to order a uniform.   

3.  Do I need to order a new uniform every year?

No.  Only if your child needs a new one.

4.  Can my child put any number on his/her jersey?

 No.  Duplicate numbers are not allowed on any given team so you must make sure that another player does not already have that number.  It is easiest to stay with the number given your child when he/she first joins LYS.  Sibling shirts can be worn, just be sure there are no duplicate numbers on the team.

5. Can I go directly to Tricon sports and pick up my uniform?

No.  Tricon sports will not sell LYS uniforms directly to parents. All uniforms and other outer wear is in the possession of the LYS uniform coordinator.