Blue Jays: Welcome

Arrive To All Games 45 Minutes Before Start Time
In The Case Of Not Being Able To Make A Game, Make Sure To Let Me Know ASAP
*An unexcused absence from a game will result in hitting last in the lineup

Monday, July 13

Looks like we got the Cubs game 1! It's Friday at 6:00 at Quandt Field. Get there at least by 5:30 so we can stretch, throw, take infeild/outfield and be mentally ready to go. What do you say we go knock a few teams out of these playoffs eh?

Thursday, June 18
Game Time Changed

The game this Saturday vs. the A's has been changed from 8:00 to 5:30. We're still at Quandt.

Saturday, May 16
Game Cancelled

Today's game Saturday May 16th vs the Bulls has been cancelled because the field is under water. If it rains more tomorrow's game could get cancelled too.

Thursday, April 30
Practice Location Changed - Click this link for yahoo maps

Practice today will no longer be outdoors due to the rain. Instead we'll go to Skillbuilder's Batter's Box batting cages. Still at 6:30.

Saturday, April 11
Scrimmage Location Changed

The scrimmage today at 3:30 will now be at Lincoln Park High School NOT Ford Field.

Thursday, March 26
New Look Jays in 2009

First of all welcome back guys! I'm happy to see a lot of guys will be returning from last year. There's also a lot of new faces this year and I'm really excited about the level of talent they will add to the team. I have to say our lineup is looking really amazing right now. It's definitely going to be an exciting year for the Blue Jays in 2009!

I see 2008 as being a bit of a rebuilding year. When I look at the 2009 team I already see more depth, more talent and definitely more wins. What better time to add a fresh new look to the team as well? We're in the process of getting new jerseys! These will be button up and a darker color and just better than the old ones. Teams will instantly know these aren't the same Jays they faced last year. I really like what I see in store for the Blue Jays in 2009 and I hope your as excited as I am to get things rolling.


Saturday, July 19
Season's Over

Guys the year is over. We went out fighting in two VERY close playoff games. We could have easily won both of them under different circumstances. But we didn't and I feel that's been the story of our season. But we did have our moments. We played great baseball at times and I had a lot of fun just playing ball and hanging with you guys. I hope you all enjoyed yourself as well.

As far as the Blue Jays returning next year it's up in the air right now. I've heard many people give me different options and I'll consider them all. It's still WAY to early to say whether or not we'll be back or not. I'll make sure I keep in touch with everyone and if I did bring the team back next year everyone would be welcome back.

Lastly, thank you to all the guys who showed up to almost every game and to all the guys who played hard game in and game out during the rough stretches of the year. You don't know just how much I appreciate having you guys on my team. Enjoy your time off and I will hopefully see some of you during the fall league. 


Saturday, July 19
Playoff Update

To those who weren't at the game we lost I believe it was 9-7 to the Tigers. It was a good game and we were within one or two pretty much the whole game. A good effort for a shorthanded team.

Friday, July 18

To those who weren't at the game we lost a heartbreaker 7-6 after we had a 6-2 lead in the 7th. Our next game is tomorrow, Saturday the 18th, at 6:00 at Ford Field vs the winner of the Tigers and Hurricanes.

Saturday, June 21
Game Canceled

Today's game Saturday the 21st has been canceled due to rain.

Friday, May 2
Probable Pitching

To give pitchers an idea of when they will be pitching I will keep this updated through the year.

Saturday 6/21 vs. Tigers

Starting - John 

Sunday, May 11
Game Canceled

The game today, Sunday May 11th, has been canceled due to rain.

Sunday, May 4
Schedule Update

The game next week on Saturday May 10th is now going to be played at Lincoln Park High School.

Friday, May 2
Game Canceled

The game today, Friday May 2nd, has been canceled due to rain.

Tuesday, April 8
Practice on Saturday Update

Practice on Saturday April 12th will now be at 5:00 at Ford Field. The reason for this change is that we will be combining our practice with TJ's team so we can face live pitching and maybe get a little scrimmage going.

Sunday, April 6
Assistant Coach

I'm happy to announce that Billy is the teams new assistant coach. I'll never forget a few years ago when he came to the Blue Jays mid season after his team disbursed. He didn't know anyone on the team and within a week or two he gets injured. To my surprise he still shows up to the next game on crutches to cheer us on! Cause that's the kind of guy he is, loyal, dedicated and respectful. Whenever I can't make it to a game/practice/scrimmage then Billy will take over for me. Also if there's an emergency situation and you can't get a hold of me then call Billy

Friday, March 28
Practice Canceled

Tomorrow's (Saturday March 29) practice has been canceled due to wet field conditions. The next practice will be Saturday April 5th at Henry Ford Community College at 1:00.

Sunday, March 9

If anyone knows an indoor practice facility that we could use please call or email me to let me know. Last year we had a stretches of 7-10 days where the weather was under 45 degrees and windy, so if that happens again this year I would want to be able to get a practice in rather than go two weeks between practices. Also, if we find an indoor practice facility, we could start practicing sooner which would help pitchers and players who haven't played in a few years. Actually I could start having optional practices right now for anyone interested.

I also wanted to let you guys know that I've been in contact with TJ, the Devils/Bulldogs coach, whom I played with in the fall league about possibly combining a practice or two and scrimmaging each other. This could be used on days where we are expecting low turnouts so we can have a decent practice or when we need to face live pitching and our pitchers to be in game situations.

Wednesday, February 20
Pitching Prospect Signed!

I just got the team another pitcher to compliment our own staff. From everything I hear I'm excited to see him in action!

Monday, February 18
2008 Blue Jays

It's around that time of year again and the 2008 baseball season is just around the corner. So far things are looking good and most of our guys from last year are interested in returning. Of course, not everyone is coming back so we have a few new spots to fill as usual.

Right now our first priority is getting ourselves another pitcher(s) (the more the better). If anyone knows a pitcher who is interested in playing let me know first thing. A few other key spots that look like they will need filling are SS and C. So P, SS, and C are our first priorities right now - let me know if you know anyone that might be able to fill these spots. And if you have other people interested in playing (that aren't P, SS, or C) let me know because we'll probably have spots for a few other guys too. I do have a SS and C in mind and I have a possible pitching prospect at the moment. I'll be making a lot of calls this next week to try to help our team improve and I hope you guys can try to help find someone too.

Practice starts end of March and the games start early May. I'll try to get us a scrimmage or two before the first game. Can't wait.


Saturday, November 24
Fall League Champions!!!

As most of you know a few of us Blue Jays (Myself, Eric G., Billy, Rick, and Steve V.) joined together with the Devils to become the Bulldogs for the Fall league. I'm proud to say that we were able to finish the season in 2nd place, good for a first and second round playoff bye, and then defeat the Sultanes and Hurricanes to capture the league championship trophy and T-shirts!!!

Saturday, July 28
Game Two

Sunday's game will be at 2:45 vs the Tigers at Quant field. Tiger's lost to Corona 6-1.

Tuesday, July 24

Finally the playoffs! The first game is Friday July 27th at 6:30 vs the Hurricanes at Ford Field. Win OR lose, the next game will be Sunday the 29th. I believe the time, place and opponent will be known after our game Friday. And check your email if you wish to read me rambling on about playoff strategy and what not.

We put a beat down on the Hurricanes 11-2 a few games ago and we're going to kick their ass on Friday again.

Monday, June 25
Schedule Update

The game this Saturday June 30th vs. the Tigers is officially rescheduled to Thursday June 28th at 6:30 at Ford Field.

Thursday, April 26
Another Practice Cancelled

Practice today (April 26th) has been cancelled due to rain and muddy field conditions. Can we ever get a practice in? This weather sucks. The next practice will be this Saturday the 28th, 5:30 at Quant field. This may also get rained out, but we'll see. We also have a scrimmage this Sunday the 29th, 12:00 at Quant field.

Friday, April 20
Scrimmage changed from Saturday to Sunday

The scrimmage has been changed from Saturday the 21st to Sunday the 22nd. It's still at Quant field. I have a meeting with the president of the league at 1:00 and then the scrimmage will be right after. So I'm assuming around 1:30 or 1:45. Try to get there at 1:15, as the meeting should only take 15 minutes I'm assuming. Try to get me the money on Sunday, but if you can't then make sure it's the next week at practice. Sorry if the change in schedule messed anyone up, I was only made aware of the change on Thursday.


Wednesday, April 11
Practice Cancelled Again

April 11th practice has been cancelled due to bad weather conditions. High of 39 degrees with a mix of snow and rain and 25 mph wind. The next practice will be Saturday, April 14th, 1:00 at Henry Ford Community College.

Wednesday, April 4
Practice Cancelled

Tomorrow's (Thursday April 5th) practice has been cancelled due to bad weather conditions. High of 34 degrees with snow showers/wind. The next practice will be Wednesday, April 11th, 5:30 at Henry Ford Community College.

Wednesday, March 14
MABL FOLDS! Message from Zuba:

NO 2007 Detroit MABL season.
Over the past 5 years, I created, played, and managed the Detroit MABL. Created when I was a sophmore in college, the Detroit MABL was made to allow those of us who loved the game of baseball to keep on playing once our high school and college playing days were over. After having multiple successful seasons, I have made the decision to no longer continue the league. I have recently moved to Atlanta, GA this past fall to pursue my design career and I just do not have enough time in my day to continue maintaining the league. I thank all the loyal players that have been w/ us from day one and the guys that have recently been apart of the league. The good news is that the Detroit MSBL is now forming +25 leagues which gives alot of us who would like to continue playing a means to do so. As far as my involvement w/ the MABL/MSBL is concerned, I simply have too many other aspects of my life that need my attention and I do not want to continue the league if I know I cannot put the proper effort and time into it. Please visit for information about the +25 league. I hope you all understand why I can no longer be apart of the league and wish you all the best luck in whatever you do! Thank you

- Doug Zuba

Hey Zuba your days of ripping people off are over. I hardly think the decision to fold the MABL was entirely yours. Remember first you need actual teams to have a league. Too bad they all had enough of your crap and left the league. Things like canceling playoffs 2 out of 3 years in a row and charging enough money each year to play two seasons worth of games will not be forgotten. We will not miss you here in Michigan. And you never could spell properly either.

Friday, March 2
New Season, New Manager

As most of you guys know already, my brother Marc is living out in Chicago and won't be able to run the team this season. For the last three years he's done an excellent job and I've learned a lot from watching him. Thanks Marc. I will try my best to run the team as well as he has. Hopefully he'll be in town every now and then and be able to make a few games.

Just like Marc did, I will be using the website to post things instead of having to call you. So take a look at the site and you'll know the dates and times of practices, games and everything else. If game dates or times are changed or a game is rained off I'll call for those.

Our first game is going to be the first weekend in May. That means our first practice should be the last week of March or the first week of April depending on the weather. So keep checking the site for practice updates.

Being my first time managing the team, I'm really looking forward to starting the season! See you guys soon.

- Steve Lukasik

Friday, October 27
Detroit Tigers

Hats off the Jim Leyland, Dave Dombrowski and the Detroit Tiger for a successful season. Who would have thought at the beginning of the year we would make it to the World Series. We didn't win but we did what was long due, bring back some respectability to our baseball program.

Sunday, August 6
Team Sponsor

Everyone keep your eyes and ears open for a sponsor. Maybe a bar in Lincoln Park, maybe someplace in Dearborn. See if you can do a little research in the offseason and maybe we can pay a lot less to play next year. And promise them we'll give them business after games - we most certainly will.

Sunday, August 6
Season's Conclusion 2006

I think most of us will consider this year's playoffs somewhat of a let down. We expected more out of ourselves and didn't quite perform as we know we could have. Fortunately, we played much better than this for the majority of the season. From time to time we had a rough outing or two. But, we won most of the games we were supposed to win, remembering also that we had probably the hardest schedule of any team. On the positive, we were able to hang with every one of the better teams, having some very close endings with each. Also, all of the returners improved certain aspects of their game quite a bit - some hitting, some fielding, some pitching. Our pitching staff gave us a lot of extra innings that were supposed to be handled by myself and that other guy. Anyways, thanks for handling all those additional innings guys. As for the new players, mostly solid, and showing good potential with a full year behind them. Now that we have a better feel of the league, we'll know what to expect next year - good hitters and fielders with 'ok' but hittable pitching. Not only is this league better competition than the old MABL, but it's a better bargain for way more games. Everyone I ever talk to gasps at the MABL price for 12 games + playoffs (weather permitting that is!). Good riddance to being ripped off. I look forward to playing another season with you guys next year.


Playoff Structure

It looks like Phil put the top 6 teams in a separate bracket from the rest of the bad teams. He might have given the top 2 seeds a buy because we're playing the Seminoles and I know that the A's are playing Corona. Anyways, here is the seeding:
Seed 1 = Los Indios
Seed 2 = Hurricanes
Seed 3 = Seminoles
Seed 4 = Corona
Seed 5 = A's
Seed 6 = Blue Jays
The way the playoffs work is that each team is eliminated after 2 losses.
Teams that win their first game will play in the winners bracket.
Teams that lose their first game will play in the consolation bracket.

This is what happens when baseball players throw bats - Video Part 1

preview 2006 Umpire Tirade part 1

Wait, there's more! - Video Part 2

Even Jibberz is trying to figure this one out...
preview 2006 Umpire Tirade part 2

Friday, March 24
New Web Site

Here it is as advertised. This site will be the best way to keep updated throughout the season. Hopefully it can save me a lot of phone calls by not having to call everyone for practices. Just take a look at the site and you'll know the dates and times of practices, games and everything else. If game dates or times are changed or a game is rained off I'll call for those.

I want to start practicing really soon since our season is tentatively going to begin on April 28. The new league president has been cool to work with so far. He can set up a scrimmage or two in mid April for us versus another team. So count on practicing right away when April hits or even sooner. Keep checking the site for practice updates.

I'm looking forward to playing in this league since it's more games for less of a cost than the MABL.