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Sunday, December 7
Important Dates for 2015 Season

Important Dates


Jan 15th-6pm til 8:30pm,Jan 17th-10am til 2pm,Jan 29th-6pm til 8:30pm,Jan 31st-10am til 2pm, Feb 5th-6pm til 8:30pm/ Century Fire Station Hwy 19.


Feb 7th/ Recreation Baseball Fields

Opening Day

March 7th 

World Series Dates

Ages 7,9,11,14  Report July 17, begins July 18 Snowden Grove Park

8 year olds  Report July 22, begins July 23 Greenbrook Park

6,10,12,13 Report July 24, begins July 25 Snowden Grove Park 

Tuesday, September 30
Welcome New Board Members


We want to welcome our new board members for the 2015 season:

Kyle Hall- Freshman Director

Angie Shipley- Secretary

JD McDaniel- Minor Director 

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