League City Little League: Welcome

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Friday, May 27

The 10-12 All Star Annoucements will be held after the Texas and Major division City Championship games on Thursday 6/2/16. Game time is 6pm (required 6 innings) and annoucements will immediatley follow. 

Players selected will be notified on 6/1/16 by the team manager and all other players will receive notification from the board also by 6/1/16 if they did not make the team this year. 




New date: JUNE 9 @ 9AM Shotgun @ South Shore Harbour! Lunch to follow.

Please share!

This is a new opportunity to participate. Check your schedules and follow up with friends who initially declined...let's play some golf!


                    Link to schedules here......









In order to ensure that you get the response you need, please make sure you are directing your inquiries to the appropriate place:
Questions? Please contact your PLAYER AGENT
Volunteer form? Please send to lcllvolunteer@yahoo.com
Proof of residency or birth certificate? PLAYER AGENT
When is such-and-such going to happen? CALENDAR 

Status Me:

Attention League Members!
You can receive reminders about LCLL events and important updates via email and text when you sign up with "Status Me".  Instructions can be found under "Handouts".

Handout: "Status Me"

Volunteer Applications

Please remember that EVERYONE who comes in contact with the kids on the practice field and during games must have a current volunteer application on file.  Download the application below, print it out, fill it out, and return it, along with a copy of your driver's license, to lcllvolunteer@yahoo.com.

TIP: Make sure the photo on your driver's license is visible before you send in your copy. If your face isn't recognizeable, we will need a better copy. Check the settings on your scanner and make sure it is not set on black-and-white. Color or greyscale work best.

Badges will be issued to approved volunteers and must be worn to all games and practices. Check with your team mom or the director on duty to get your badge. Volunteer Forms (and badges) are good for the entire year indicated on the form so if you were approved in the spring, you're good for the fall.

Handout: Volunteer Form