Lawrence Rec Women's Volleyball: Welcome

Upcoming Games
Date Event Time Location
Wed 3/21 Volleyball Notorious D.I.G. vs. The Unstoppables 7:00 PM Bruce School
Wed 3/21 Volleyball Tartaras vs. J.Brian's Pub & Grill 8:00 PM Bruce School
Monday, March 19
Games Cancelled

Seeing that standings won't change we would like to start the playoff's this coming Wednesday March 21.

Playoff schedule is as follows: 

Wednesday March 21 Semi-Finals ( Best two out of three)

7:00pm--- Notorious Dig vs. The Unstoppables

8:00pm --- Tartaras vs. J.Brian's

Tuesday March 27 Finals ( Best three out of five)

 7:00pm---? vs. ?

 BRUCE SCHOOL: All SPECTATORS/CHILDREN must sit on the stage area and remain away from the court...... No bouncing of any type of ball while game is being played...... Everyone must remain in the gym (no one should be in the school hallways)...... Spectators must sit in front of the curtain on the stage (no playing or going behind the curtain)...... Team that has finished their game MUST leave the gym 15 minutes after their game is done, due to the size of the gym and respect for the other teams.  

Rotation: is not mandatory. It will be up to the coaches to decide who comes in to play.

 Games will be 3 sets to 25.

A game is won when one team reaches 25 points, win by 2-points.

A win is a win, a loss is a loss, no matter if played or forfeited.                                

FYI - the standings will be based on "Points For" for playoff purposes, under the column heading PF. 

PLEASE READ: League play begins on Wednesday October 25 2017. To view the league schedule, click on Schedules on the menu to the left. To view only your team's schedule, click on Teams, then Schedules, or click on your team's name at the bottom of the League Schedule. The entire schedule is also posted in the Calendar.

2016-2017 Women's Volleyball Champions - Las Tartaras