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Lawrence Rec Fall Flag Football: Welcome  


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Lawrence Rec Fall Flag Football
Nelson Ortiz
Fax: 978-722-9310
Salem St
Osgood St
Lawrence, Massachusetts
Tuesday, August 25

Randall Landry is looking to play on a team you can contact him at 978 407-5663.

If we get enough teams for fall we will have a league as of right now we have four teams.


 Trash talking, racial or religious remarks will not be tolerated. Players will be ejected immediately. We have women and children at the ballfields please refrain from using any foul or offensive language.

Taunting will not be tolerated. Appropriate celebration after a score or other significant play is acceptable, however, if told by an official that it is considered taunting, player(s) will immediately be ejected from the game and a 10 yd. penalty will be assessed.

•If any official witnesses any punches, kicks, or other behavior considered to be fighting or unsportsmanlike, the teams(s) will be penalized 10 yds per player and player(s) will immediately be ejected from game or league if severity calls for it. (see next rule for penalty)

•Fighting will not be tolerated. If one player from your team is involved in a fight, he will be ejected from the game and serve a 3 game suspension on the next scheduled games or be ejected from league if severity calls for it. If two or more players get into a shoving/wrestling match, THE ENTIRE TEAM will be ejected and suspended for the rest of the season and all monies are forfeited.

•Any intent to injure called by an official will result in a league suspension to be served for 1 calendar year.

Flag versus ball: Gentlemen - it's not where the flag is pulled; it's where the ball is at when the flag is pulled.


  • Final written rosters including names and jersey numbers must be submitted to league before 3rd game. Rosters are frozen after the 3rd game.
  • Use of non-roster players will be a forfeit.
  • All players must be at least 18 yrs. of age by September 7, 2014. Underage players will be a forfeit.


      New Rule: There are on-side kicks. Onside kicks can only be attempted in the final two minutes of the game and the losing team MUST be within 8 points. A successful onside kick is made if the ball is kicked past the receiving team’s 20-yard line and the kicking team prevents the receiving team from advancing the ball past their own 20-yard line. a)   Touchbacks & Illegal procedures will result in a FAILED onside kick.  b)      If a penalty is called on the receiving team and the result of the penalty is spotted inside their 20-yard line. This is a SUCCESSFUL onside kick.  c)      If the kicking team successfully achieves an onside kick, they will begin possession at their own 20-yard line.

•The season will begin on Sunday September 7, 2014 Game times: 8:30 and 9:45 AM at O’Connell field in South Lawrence.

 Final written rosters including names and jersey numbers must be submitted to league before 3rd game. Please click on league rules/rosters to download the roster form. Thank you
          It is a penalty when the QB's arm is hit Intentional or not, completed pass or not. It is like roughing the passer. Penalty is 10 yds. Automatic first down.

           Players should go after the quarterback's flag.

            If a flag falls off a player he must be tagged.




    PLEASE READ: League play begins on Sunday September 7th. Click on Schedules on the menu to the left. To view only your team's schedule, click on Teams, then Schedules, or click on your team's name at the bottom of the League Schedule. The entire schedule is also posted in the Calendar.

2014 Fall Flag Champs - Playmakers

Lawrence Rec Fall Flag Football
Lawrence Rec Fall Flag Football
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