Lawrence Rec Spring Flag Football: Welcome

Wednesday, March 7
Opening Day

League will start on Sunday April 22 2018.



ON NOTICE: It has been bought to my attention that teams are going to the other team sideline and talking trash and other gestures  such as flexing. I have instructed the officials if they see this type of behavior the team is to be assessed a major penalty (team warning) the second time any player caught will be ejected and serve a one game suspension the third time team will forfeit game. You have been warned.

 Note: All teams should pick up their water bottles,litter and dispose of them in the trash barrels (you bring it in you take it out). We have other leagues coming in after us.

ON NOTICE: Taunting will not be tolerated. Appropriate celebration after a score or significant play is acceptable, however, if told by an official that it is considered taunting, player(s) will immediately be ejected from the game and a 10 yd. penalty will be assessed. I have instructed the officials to enforce this rule.

Final written rosters including names and jersey numbers must be submitted to league before 3rd game. Rosters are frozen after the 4th  game. ROSTER LIMIT IS 24.

  • Use of non-roster players will be a forfeit.
  • All players must be at least 18 yrs. of age. Underage players will be a forfeit.
  • All teams must have numbered jerseys.(MANDATORY)
  • If player or players do not have a team jersey on game day they will not be allowed to play.
  • All players on the same team must wear the same color flag
  • No pockets or belt loop on pants
  • No caps with extended bills.


Football: The over time has changed. After a coin toss one team will choose offense or defense. This will alternate throughout the over time. There is a maximum of four over times. The over time will be played like a PAT a team can choose to go for one (5yd. line) or two (10 yd. line). After the second overtime a team must go for two. All NCAA rules pertaining to over time will be used. Whichever team scores the most point at the end of the over time series is declared the winner.

PLEASE READ: League play begins on Sunday April 22 2018. To read schedule click on Schedules on the menu to the left. To view only your team's schedule, click on Teams, then Schedules, or click on your team's name at the bottom of the League Schedule. The entire schedule is also posted in the Calendar

• If any official witnesses any punches, kicks or other behavior considered to be fighting or unsportsmanlike, the teams(s) will be penalized 10 yds. per player and player (s) will immediately be ejected from game or league if severity calls for it. (see next rule for penalty)

• Fighting will not be tolerated. If one player from your team is involved in a fight he will be ejected from the game and serve a 3 game suspension on the next scheduled games or be ejected from league if severity calls for it. If two or more players get into a shoving /wrestling match, THE ENTIRE TEAM will be ejected and suspended for the rest of the season and all monies are forfeited.

• Any intent to injure called by an official, will result in a league suspension to be served for 1 calendar year.

Flag versus ball: Gentlemen, it's not where the flag is pulled; it's where the ball is at when the flag pulled.

If a flag falls off a ball carrier during the play, the player must be touched to end the play. If a player catches the ball with no flags, the play is dead.


2017 Spring Flag Football Undefeated Champs - The Reapers