Lawrence Rec Fall Coed Softball: Welcome

Upcoming Games
Date Event Time Location
Mon 10/23 Softball-Slowpitch J.Brian's Pub & Grille Screwballs vs. Mama Lukes 6:30 PM O'Neil Field
Mon 10/23 Softball-Slowpitch Mama Lukes vs. J.Brian's Pub & Grille Screwballs 7:45 PM O'Neil Field
Tue 10/24 Softball-Slowpitch J.Brian's Diamond Cutterz vs. Lawtown Cardinals 6:30 PM O'Neil Field
Tue 10/24 Softball-Slowpitch Lawtown Cardinals vs. J.Brian's Diamond Cutterz 7:45 PM O'Neil Field
Recent Games
Date Event Time Location
Mon 10/16 Softball-Slowpitch Lawtown Cardinals: 18 - Kelly's Bar Black: 6 6:30 PM O'Neil Field
Mon 10/16 Softball-Slowpitch Mama Lukes: 18 - The Drive: 6 7:45 PM O'Neil Field
Tue 10/17 Softball-Slowpitch The Drive: 10 - Mama Lukes: 15 6:30 PM O'Neil Field
Tue 10/17 Softball-Slowpitch Kelly's Bar Black: 10 - Lawtown Cardinals: 19 7:45 PM O'Neil Field
Tuesday, October 17
Playoff Schedule

Please make sure that your players are eligible to play in the playoff's if there is a protest and your player doesn't have enough games you will lose the protest and the game. 

Top six teams will make the playoffs First and Second place will get a first round bye. Playoff's will be the best two out of three and will start Monday October 16.


   Winning teams - please call the Rec Dept office at 978 620-3252 or e-mail Nelson at after your game to report the score. You may also text the scores to 978 382-1985. Reminder:


- EVERYONE needs to pick up their trash after their game. This includes water bottles too. This is an ongoing problem that is easily corrected. Please help! Coaches - make sure everyone on your team, and your fans, comply with this request.

Sliding rule: A runner must always attempt to avoid contact by sliding if there is a play on the runner. If the runner can avoid contact without sliding, that is acceptable. If there is a play in which it appears that it is the intention of the runner to injure another player, the umpire has the authority to eject the runner and rule an out on that play. This will apply to second and third base, and home plate.

Ground rules at O'Neill field - the out-of-play lines on both the 1st and 3rd base sides run straight out from the end of the railings to an imaginary line even with the outfield fence. If a fielder catches a ball IN PLAY and their momentum carries them over this line, the ball is dead and baserunners move up 1 base. Overthrows - the railings near the team benches are out of play, the bottom cement step is in play. A batted fair ball that goes past the outfield fence in foul territory is a 2 base hit. Any ball that gets lodged in the outfield fence is also a 2 base hit.

Coaches: - Make a copy of the league rules and keep it with you at each game.

- Know who the home team is by looking on your schedule. The home team is listed first. The home team is responsible for providing bases for the game, including the double (safety) base.

- NO drinking alcohol at the field before, during, or after the game.

- NO metal spikes.

- Be on time for your game. We do everything we can to avoid a forfeit, but it is not fair to the other team if they have to wait to play, then have a shortened game due to the time limit of 1 hour and 15 min. Have the umpire fee ($25 per team) and the game ball ready for the umpire at ground rules. Hustle on and off the field. Warmups are not needed between innings.

- Both teams need to keep score to avoid conflict late in a close ballgame.

Home team is 1st team on schedule. Ex: Team A vs. Team B, where Team A is the HOME team. Home team is responsible for providing bases. Each team should carry a set of bases at all times, including the double safety base.

General Information: All teams must write the first and last name of all players in their team's scorebook in pen. No pencil will be allowed. Again, first and last names must be printed and legible. Line-ups must be exchanged before the game can start.

PLEASE READ: To view the league schedule, click on Schedules on the menu to the left. To view only your team's schedule, click on Teams, then Schedules, or click on your team's name at the bottom of the League Schedule. The entire schedule is also posted in the Calendar.