Fort Lauderdale F.C.: Practice Schedules

Practice Schedule Fall 2015


2015 Winter Practices



 Age group U6  U7  U8  U9  U10  U11  U12  U13  U14  U15  U16   U17
 DOB after  8/1/09 8/1/08  8/1/07  8/1/06  8/1/05  8/1/04  8/1/03  8/1/02  8/1/01  8/1/00  8/1/99   8/1/98


Weekly practice schedule

 Team    Days    Time    Location    Coach  
 U9 Girls  Tue/Thu  6:15-7:30pm  George English Park  Coach Zureida
 U10 Girls  Tue/Thu  6-7:30pm  Hardy Park  Coach Scott
 Coach Melissa
 U11 Girls  Mon/Wed
 6:30 - 8pm
 Hardy Park  Coach Charlie
 Coach Milo
 U12 Girls  Mon/Tue/Thu  6-7:30pm  Central Broward Regional Park  Coach Jodi
 U13 Girls  Mon/Thu
 Hardy Park  Coach Marc
 U14 Girls  Mon/Thu
 Central Broward Regional Park  Coach Jeff
 U15 Girls  Wed  6-7:30pm  Central Broward Regional Park  Coach Jaime
 U16 Girls  Mon/Tue/Thu  6-7:30pm  Central Broward Regional Park  Coach Flynn
 U17 Girls  Sun  10 - 11am  Fort Lauderdale Stadium  Coach John
 U9 Boys  Tue/Thu  5:30-7pm  Hardy Park  Coach Joey
 Coach Gerardo
 U10 Boys  Mon/Wed  6:30-8pm  Hardy Park  Coach Chris
 Coach Zak
 U11 Boys  Mon/Thu
 Hardy Park  Coach Marc
 U12 Boys  Mon/Wed/Thu  6-7:30pm  Holiday Park  Coach Mark
 Coach Brett
 U13 Boys  Mon/Thu
 Central Broward Regional Park  Coach Jeff  
 Coach Elisio
 U14 Boys  Mon/Tue/Thu


 Central Broward Regional Park  Coach Lionel
 U15/16 Boys  Tue/Thu  6:30-8pm  Central Broward Regional Park  Coach Mark     
 U17 Boys



 Central Broward Regional Park  Coach Mike
 U18 Boys   Wed  6:30-8pm  Central Broward Regional Park  Coach Darryl
 Coach Daniel
 GK Training U9 - U18 



 Central Broward Regional Park  Coach Russ



*Future Stars (U5-U8) Boys & Girls at Croissant Park

Start practice the week of February 29th

See Schedule under 3v3 Spring Season Tab  



Saturday, practice slots 

Field   8:30-10am   10-11:30pm   11:30-1pm    
 Fort Lauderdale Stadium  U16/17 Boys  U12 Girls  U13 Boys  
 Fort Lauderdale Stadium  U11 Boys  U13 Girls  U11 Girls  
 Fort Lauderdale Stadium  U14 Boys  U14 Girls  U15 Girls  
 Mills Pond Park  U16 Girls      
 Mills Pond Park  U12 Boys      
 Hardy Park  U9 Boys  U9 Girls    
 Hardy Park  U10 Boys  U10 Girls    
Practice schedules are subject to change. Certain pratices may take place at different locations (Holiday Park Hockey Rink, Indoor Facility, Beach). Updates/Changes will be communicated by your Coach and/or Team Manager.