Fort Lauderdale F.C.: Costs

Wednesday, May 29
Costs: 2015-2016 Season

Cost: Fort Lauderdale Select FC is a non-profit organization, and uses the fees from parents to offset the operating costs of the club. This includes the costs for fields, coaching, referees and league play. In addition, we employ professional paid coaches, each of whom is licensed and certified as soccer trainers. There are three types of costs associated with the program, which is spread out throughout the year to make the overall financial obligation more manageable.

Financial aid is available and evaluated on a per case basis for families meeting our eligibility requirements.

Registration fee of $165 – the fee is due at the time of registration and pays for the player registration with US Youth Soccer and the uniform package for the season. The registration fee is non refundable (a late fee is applied for registrations after June 11th)

Annual fees - FTLS offers its members a monthly payment installment option for the annual dues - these charges are automatically collected from a credit card or checking account each month. This allows families to spread the overall expense over the year. The fees vary by age group and are outlined on the following page. Our soccer season runs parallel to the school year from August through to May and has to be planned accordingly. The players/parents commitment is for the entire season. Monthly charges are only suspended or refunded if a player moves out of the area (more than 50 Miles) or due to a season ending injury. If a player requests to be released for any other reason a ‘Early Release Fee” of $300 will be due.

Tournament Fees: Players who are chosen and who participate in tournaments will pay a tournament fee. These fees vary but are typically between $30 and $60 per player for a local tournament and will be drafted automatically from your checking account or credit card. For out of town tournaments the cost for the coaches’ accommodation plus a per diem rate ($60) will be distributed amongst the players who are chosen and participate in the event.

Financial aid is available and is evaluated on a per case basis for families meeting our eligibility requirements. This is need based, and each application is reviewed confidentially by our Board of Directors. You can find our scholarship application under the Forms section, or inquire with the club directly by email.



Handout: Costs: 2015-2016 Season