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Tuesday, September 9
Fort Lauderdale Select Alumni shine as Freshmen

Fort Lauderdale Select Alumni Rachel Bogue and Brittany Macaluso are leaving their mark alread in their freshmen year at Andrew College in Georgia. click here



Tuesday, June 10
Fort Lauderdale Select tryouts for the 2014/15 Season

Almost 400 players who came out during week of May 27th and May 31st made the 2014/15 Tryouts our biggest ones yet. Thank you very much for everybody who tried out and we are looking forward seeing you on the field!!

If you missed our tryouts but are still interested in joining the Fort Lauderdale Select Football Club please contact us by emailing to or call us at 954-816-7140 and we are happy to invite you out to some of our clinics or camps that are going on throughout the summer. 

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Miami Cup
Tuesday, June 10
U10 Girls Season wrap up


As the 2014season comes to a close the Select U10 Girls wrap up their 6v6 2year experience with a total eight finals. Matching last year’s four finals, two as champions, two as finalist.

The girls started the season as finalists in Wellington, going into the finals unbeaten including a semi-final win over West Pines, but lost in the finals to conclude the tournament. The U10 girls fought through some adjustments midway through the season finishing outside the finals in their next two tournaments but rebounded in fine fashion to winning the South Florida cup in 8v8 play as they prepare for next year. Then proceeded to back up that win with a finalist performance in the Miami Cup in a shootout against Weston. The shootout went two rounds including shots by both goalies until Weston edged out in front with their final shooter. The U10Girls went on the road to Port St Lucie to win their final event over Memorial weekend. As in the Wellington event girls played the semi-final opponent again in the finals. The girls showed their maturity as they maintained focused starting the final with a goal off the kickoff. Holding on to the one-nil lead for better part of of the first half the U10 girls remained calm and pulled away to win 7-1.

I can’t say enough of the progress these young ladies have made in their last two years. Starting the U9 season with a 0-8 loss to Boynton the girls worked hard to become the team they are today. As I leave the girls in the competent leadership of Coach Jodie I wish them the best and thank them for all they taught me and also kudos to the parents for tall their unrelenting support. Without a doubt we could have never done as well if it wasn’t for the unlimited efforts of Scott Favreau our team manager. Scott ran logistics for both squads this year during the regular season and the rotations in the tournament season. The paperwork is daunting, the forms needed in triplicate, or more for every player for every tournament. Not to mention organizing the Fitness weekend, then as head cook for the event, Scott’s commitment to the growth of this team was beyond all measure.

Again let me bid you all a fond farewell, stay in touch, and know my heart goes with you.

Zureida A.Molina-Julio
U10 Coach 2013-2014


Tuesday, June 10
U10 Girls Fitness weekend



The Ft. Lauderdale Select U10 girls participated in a fitness training weekend. The focus for the weekend was to introduce the girls to fitness training utilizing “optimal windows of trainability” (accelerated adaptation to training). V-BLAST©, is a concept I have been developing based on the LTAD, (long term athlete development), model by sport scientist Dr. Istvan Balyi. My concentration is in the growing void between “old fashion” go outside and play and overall physical coordination. A popular buzz word in sports is “physicality”. It’s that capacity for physical response to the unexpected, (maintaining balance in those awkward movements or producing speed in confined space,). As a coach my interest in this type of training is two fold. One being the introduction of proper basic movement and balance, but more importantly to help our young athletes develop overall coordination. It used to be that as the season changed so did the game we played. Consequently coordination came by way of “natural cross training”. In today’s world the early “specialization” of our children is more common place. Their sense of balance is consistent with those motions of a sport or two. The muscles used, and muscle memory archive, follows suit with the same sport or two, and so forth. V-BLAST© is about mixing up the games played and utilizing training windows to increase overall physicality, encouraging safe continued participation in athletics and promote confidence.

So began the training for The U10 girls. Their training started Friday night setting up camp and receiving an informal review of the weekend’s purpose and activities. We were fortunate to have person trainer and Iron woman participant Michelle Tovar-King to work with the girls. Over the weekend the girls participated in various conditioning sessions concentrating on the particular “training window” open to the girls at this age i.e. stamina, speed and strength. I was very impressed with how the girls completed the tasks being asked of them and their time management. Our day started at sunrise Saturday morning and ended before noon on Sunday. In that time the girl clocked three hours of conditioning training, ran and biked over 12 miles, participated in over three hours of “like-sport” cross training, and never gave up.

We had some real accomplishments at the V-BLAST© fitness weekend. In the weeks following, the girls have upped their level of play on the field. I truly believe being aware of what they can really do physically has played a vital part in our performance going into the last month of our tournament season. The equation for good soccer just got simpler, they play knowing they can make it through that game and more. There is less reserve play, the girls are playing all out, they are MAKING the decision to play to win.

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of training, there are still other windows for other areas of training, at other ages, and repeat “windows” during the developmental ages of 10-16. This was only the first step.

I hope to do this again, anyone interested in participating please contact me at or text me at 954 850-0776. Since these sessions are directly related to like chronological/developmental age, as I get a “group” I can arrange for the training.

Zureida A. Molina-Julio
Coach U9 and U10 Girls

Thursday, May 29
U5 Boys Spring 2014


The U5 Select Future Stars completed the Spring 3v3 schedule with a special World Cup Challenge on the final day of the season. In what would be considered an enormous upset on the real World Cup stage, South Africa claimed the title as Spring 2014 Select 3v3 World Cup Champs!

The first Select group to start from the U5 age level, this collection of players smiled, laughed, learned and developed by leaps and bounds this spring. Like the sun shining in their eyes in the above photo, the future is very bright for FTL Select and this amazing group of kids!

Coach Tommy and Coach Manny would like to say thanks again for a great season!

Monday, May 12
U12 Boys - Palm Beach Cup


The U12 boys competed in the Palm Beach Cup in the 11v11-bracket, where all the teams who prefered to play that format were together in one division. After a tough regular season this year in the U12 div 1, things started to get better in 2014. The team lifted the trophy of the Wellington tournament in January, then made it to the semis of the div 1 Regions Cup and had some great performances during the U13 spring league, winning against a few U13 teams on the way. Things really came together in the Palm Beach Cup this past weekend when the hard work of getting used to the big field and doing the right runs finally paid off with a clean victory of 4 wins out of the 4 games, beating Plantation (7-1), Sunrise (6-1), Team Boca (3-1) and finally Davie Sharks (5-0) in some awesome displays of pressing and moving without the ball. Despite the clear results, all games had plenty of excitement and parents and coaches lost a few years of their lives there.

Each game had a tough first half in stock, going behind 0-1 after missing clear chances against Plantation and Team Boca and being 1-1 vs. Sunrise and barely holding on to a 1-0 lead in the final vs. Davie. Each time, the team found another gear in the second half, and also displayed a newly found confidence that grew with each win and so they never doubted that we would find the goal eventually, and ended up being rewarded each game in the second half for their patience and persistence. Clearly the MVP of the tournament, Nino Smith won roughly 99% of all battles in midfield and, after spinning his (hard-hitting) opponents dizzy, kept splitting the opponent's defence with Da Vinciesque artistry by playing one wonderful through ball after the other. The two main strikers Daniel Popa and Cali "The Rocket" Canaval kept reading those balls better and better and also combined on not-seen-before one-touch stuff together with the highly creative Santi Junco in the middle. In addition, the wings provided even more speed and runs as the were heralded to sprint up and down the field and sprinted what felt like several marathons and provided pressure and goals from the flanks from "Lightning" Anthony Ells and U11-loan Lucas Calixto (who both had to wear protective eyewear because of their high velocity, according to some rumours).

Keeping the goals against down to 1 or 0 was delivered by Gio "El Gatto" Bonilla in goal with some amazing saves and brave actions again and in front of him by the 4 musketeers Will "Ronaldo" Teke, Will "Ruben" Vold, Tommy "Workhorse" McCormick and Gabe "Sliding Tackle" Guedez. The outside backs not only battled against strong opponents in the back, but also played the ball nicely and skillfully into midfield and provided much assistance in the attack, while hard-hitting Tommy and "Ruben" left their marks on a few opponents shins and showed a lot of maturity commanding the defence and keeping the defensive shape in order. The "Bench-people" finally played a big part in lifting the trophy, providing the legs and often finishing off tired opponents with piercing runs by Winfield Bondurant and Juan Valderrama (both scoring the final) up front and smart plays by allrounder Pedro Kauffmann (who played every position other than goalkeeper in the course of the tournament), Giulio Potenti, Brett Vogel and Lukey "Jumps" Joannou, who showed signs of brilliance with a few fine passes and one left-footed goal in the bottom corner. Coach Stephan was rewarded with the icy remainder if the Gatorade-cooler over his back by his team and a telling-off at close proximity from an opponent's mum after the final, because one of the Select-players had angered her by openly confessing that he actually was Cristiano Ronaldo.

She was right, maybe they weren't quite that good - yet !!!

Monday, May 5
U10 Boys Blue Team - Finalist at Nova 5v5

The U 10 boys Blue have much to be proud of. They went undefeated in their bracket and made it to the final. Their effort and nice passing saw them win their first game 4-2, their second 4-0 and their third 3-1 when they came back from being down 1-0 at halftime to win the game. They lost in the final to Weston but the loss doesn’t take away from the great tournament the team had. Thank you to Coach Chris, Coach Laurie, Coach Scott and the U 10 boys and their families for all of their support.

Tuesday, April 22
U10 Boys Blue Team - South Florida Cup Finalist

Congratulations to the U10 boys Blue for becoming finalists in the Cup Division of the South Florida Cup. After a strong performance, the boys came from behind and beat Plantation 6-5 in an exciting game to advance to the finals before losing to a very skilled premier team from Coral Gables. Well done to Sean, Gregory, Morgan, Johnny, Grant, Louis, Justin as well as to John Michael and Marcelo (both missing from the photo). Thank you to Coach Chris, Coach Laurie and Coach Scott as well as the U 10 boys and their families for all of their efforts.

Wednesday, November 13
Alex Pagliaro commits to play for North Greenville University


Congratulations to Alex Pagliaro of our U18 Girls team who has committed to play on a scholarship for North Greenville University in South Carolina next year!!

Alex joined Fort Lauderdale Select 4 years ago and has played a vital role every year for Coach Jodi and her team. The WA senior is relieved to know she has a great college to attend while continuing her soccer career.

Well done Alex and good luck!!

Our U18 Girls will compete in the Orange Classic Showcase Tournament in December.