Lathrop Little League: Welcome

Tuesday, June 3



The 2014 campaign is coming to a close this Saturday, June 7th, 2014. It sure seems like we just started...

Important information:

2015 Board of Directors- we are looking for people who want to serve on next years board. Many hands make for a lighter load. There are many positions available, so please- if your interested, contact one of us- or just email me. Dont delay! Nominations need to be in by Friday so we can have ballots ready for Saturday, June 7th. Email me, and I will ensure your on the ballot. (if your not sure, email me so that your on the ballot, and you can see what its about!)

Membership: Volunteers are automatically members. Others can be members by paying $1.00 (Yes, thats 100 pennies) Only Members get a chance to vote, so make sure you stop by the snack shack and get your  membership card immediately. Time is running out!

Team Baskets (Our final fund raisint opportunity) 

Every team has put together a team basket full of goodies! These baskets will be given away via raffle. Raffle tickets are available for $5.00 each. Get your tickets on Saturday and be prepared to win some fantastic stuff!

The League has also assembled a basket, with a nice A's 18 person Box Suite for 1 2014 game (Restrictions apply). This raffle tickets are just $50.00! (The suite is valued at $1,500.00) 

Closing Day: Closing Day is this Saturday, June 7th, 2014. Here is the schedule:

8:30am Farm All Star Game (Upper field) 90 minute game

8:30am 3rd place Minor game (Lower field)

10:30am Minor Chamionship game (Upper Field)

2:00pm Closing Ceremonies begin (have your players there by 1:30pm.)

2:30-3:00pm Raffles begin (You must be present for the team baskets. League basket- winner need not be present to win!)

2015 BOD voting will be open from 10:00am- 3:00pm. Get here and vote Early!


TOC and ALL Star news:

TOC's are set to begin on June 14th, 2014. (EXCEPTION: Intermediate begin on Monday, June 9th at Mossdale Park)

Minors @ Spreckles - Brock Elliot Park. 1110 Stonum Lane in Manteca, ca

Juniors @ Weston Ranch



All Star schedule:

9/10 division- Begins June 28th, and is hosted by Northgate!

Intermediate: Begins June 16th, and is Hosted by Lathrop!

Andres D.

Felipe R.

Kyle S.

Elijah B.

Ryan R.

Micheal P.

Sebastian R.

Dylan M.

Christian N.

Finally, a Huge Congratulations to two of our Own for Pitch, Hit  and Run contestants who are awaiting final results to see if they advance to the Team Championship!

Say Congrats to Lyon C. and Andrew S! 


  If you have any questions, please contact Bryan Kehle at, or (925)250-1446



T-Ball Ages 4-7

Farm Ages 6-8

Minors Ages 7-10* 

Intermediate Ages 11-13

Junior Ages 12-14 

Please check back for more updates! 


Lathrop Little League boundaries are as follows: North Boundary: Roth Road/ East of HWY I-5, Briggs Road West of Hwy I-5 West Boundary: San Joaquin River South Boundary: Yosemite Avenue East Boundary: Airport Avenue 

We also are looking for Sponsors that want to donate and support our community. 

Handout: Residence Requirements

Tuesday, June 18
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Tuesday, June 18
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Tuesday, June 18
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