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Sunday, April 20
Why Play Connie Mack Baseball?

We recognize every student athlete's situation and goals are different.  

The Connie Mack Baseball Program offers the student athlete the opportunity to be recognized by college recruiters and professional scouts while they participate in league play and showcase tournaments in state and out of state.

If you and your parents are committed to playing in the best summer baseball program and are committed to making every effort to play collegiate baseball, this is the right enviroment for you.

Sunday, April 20
What is the cost to play?

The cost to play Connie Mack Baseball varies from year to year. 

In 2014, the player dues are $450.00.  A payment plan of 3 payments can be extended to those who need it.

The fee includes your portion of the cost to go to the showcase tournaments in California and New Mexico.  All players are responsible for their own food money.  Typically, the trips last 3 to 4 days and are strictly chaperoned. 

The club provides two hats and two jerseys to each player.  The player must provide 2 clean baseball pants, white and grey.  You will need to provide your own cleats and equipment to play. 

Sunday, April 20
Can I play in other leagues while playing Connie Mack Baseball?

While in season the coaching staff is strongly against any of the players on the roster from playing in other leagues, "club teams", or pee-wee little league teams.  Coach Thomas has a 16U team for younger players.  Contact Coach Thomas (526-5477) at Las Vegas High School for more details.

The reason behind that is the health of the player.  Our season is demanding physically and mentally and if a player is being tugged in 2 or 3 different directions, it makes it hard on the parents, players and coaches to stay motivated and focused on our goal of winning a state championship.  Pitchers, especially, need to have proper rest in between outings so that we do not harm their arms. 

Exceptions can be made for certain circumstances, parents will need to talk with the coaching staff so that everyone is made aware of why a player will be missing time with our team.