Laramie Youth Baseball: Welcome

Laramie Youth Baseball 2016 Board Members
Jen Chavez-President
Julie Brown-Vice President
Annette Suloff-Secretary
Lindsay Hoyt-Treasurer
Molly Vigen-Coaches Coordinator
Rea Shipman-Player Agent
Victor Gomez-Safety Officer
Dustin Duay-Umpire Coordinator
Lindsey Moniz-Equipment Manager
Jennifer Fields-Stanard-Sponsorship Coordinator and Fundraising 
 Keep an eye out for 2016 registration information and dates beginning February 2016.
For more information regarding Laramie Youth Baseball, please contact:

Wednesday, April 15
Pitch Smart Campaign for young pitchers

A series of practical, age-appropriate guidelines to help parents, players, and coaches avoid over-use injuries and foster long, healthy careers for young pitchers.

Wednesday, April 15
2014/2015 Little League Licensed Bat

A list of bats (as of March 20, 2015) that the Little League Organizations has licensed 

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