X-treme Girls' Lacrosse Club: Welcome


Congrats to Xtreme 2020/21 team who went 6 and 0 at Project 120 tournament and won the Championship in their division!

Tryout Dates to form Fall 2014 through
summer 2015 Teams:
 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 teams on Sunday September  7th
2020, 2021, 2022 teams on Sunday September 14th
Times and location TBA

Congrats to former long time Xtreme player
Alana Philips on her commitment to play at Navy



Congrats to 2016 player Elizabeth Petrosky on her commitment to play at Duquesne University




Congrats to 2015 player Natalie Sukanick on her commitment to play at Millersville University


 Congrats to 2016 player Maryn Bernhardt on her commitment to play at Lehigh



Congrats to Xtreme 2012 player Shannon Nee on being named Big East defender of the week 4 times this season!


Congrats to 2016 players Maryn Bernhardt, Elizabeth Brown, Megan Donohue, Carolyn Mann, and Elizabeth Petrosky on being selected to play in the 2014 Brine All American games

Xtreme Alums / Coaches grabbing headlines this Pre-Season:

  • 2012 Alum Shannon Nee named as 1st team All Big East Goalie in coaches pre season pole -- STORY HERE
  • 2012 Alum Devon Schneider named a projected starter for 5th ranked Florida Gators - story in Lacrosse Magazine
  • 2013 Alum Molly Hendrick Scores 2 goals in game vs US World Team for #1 ranked UNC - STORY HERE    

Congrats to 2015 player McKenzie Kelly on her commitment to play at

 Lebanon Valley College


Congrats to 2015 player Nikki Wagner on her commitment to play at Miilersville  


Congrats to 2015 Goalie Lauren Marte on her commitment to play at Lock Haven  


Congrats to 2014 player Abby Zorrilla on her commitment to play at Shenandoah 


 Congrats to 2015 player Rene Morrow on her commitment to play at Millersville.

Story Here 


 Congrats to Xtreme 2014 player Cortney Gensemer on her commitment to play at Shenandoah

Story HERE 

Congrats to 2015 players McKenna Edwards, Emily McBride and Alex Rich on being sleected to the top 200 of 2015 list. Story HERE 



Congrats to Xtreme 2015 player Emily McBride on being selected to the initial 125 players named to the top 200 of 2015 list. Story and list HERE



Congrats to Xtreme 2014 player Maddie Eberly on her recent commitment to Lock Haven!

Maddie joins Xtreme players Ashley G, Katie C, Brooke S, Morgan B, Shannon B, and Emily B at

perenial D2 power Lock Haven! 



  X-treme News: 


Congratulations to Xtreme players on their recent commitments --

2015 player McKenna Edwards -- Loyola -- story hear

2014 player Ashley Gochenauer -- Lock Haven -- story hear

2014 player Rachel Harman -- LaSalle

Full list of college commitments below on this page



 This past summer, the Xtreme coaching staff included:

15 current or former Divison 1 players

10 former high school or college All-Americans

7 current high school and college coaches

 Thank you Xtreme coaches for helping to make the summer of 2013 successful for all 7 Xtreme teams!


The Xtreme 2014 Commitments to date:

Gabby Cardina - UMBC, Katie Costanza - Lock Haven, Blair Duscha, Widener, Maddie Eberly - Lock Haven, Corteny Gensemer - Shenandoah, Ashley Gochenauer - Lock Haven, Emma Hager - Iona, Rachel Harman - LaSalle, Bri Leaman - Lake Erie, Liz Pierson - Manhattan, Toni Yuko - Temple, Abby Zorillo  - Shenandoah, Hannah Gotoff - Union College


2015 Commitments to date:

McKenna Edwards - Loyola,  Mckenzie Kelly - Lebanon Valley CollegeEmily McBride - Virginia, Nikki Wagner - Millersville, Rene Morrow - Millersville, Alex Rich - Louisville,          Lauren Marte - Lock Haven


Congrats to Xtreme 2014 player Rachel Harman on her commitment to play D1 lacrosse at LaSalle! Story HERE 


Congrats to Xtreme 2015 player Alex Rich on her commitment to play D1 lacrosse at Louisville! Story HERE


Xtreme Goalie Coach Shannon Nee named to the All Big East team -- great accomplishment as a freshman!


Xtreme Goalie Coach and former Xtreme 2012 and Township Goalie Shannon Nee named BIG EAST defender of the week and womenslax.com rookie of the week. Shannon having an AWESOME season! Stories HERE and HERE.

Congrats to Xtreme 2014 player Katie Costanza on her commitment to play at Lock Haven!

Story HERE

and to Xtreme 2014 goalie Liz Pierson on her commitment to play at Manhattan College!

Story HERE

Congrats to Xtreme 2015 player Emily McBride on her commitment to play at Virginia!

Story HERE 


X-treme 2014 and 2016 win Championships at Ultimate Polar Challenge Tournament.

X-treme took 2 championships and 2017 finished 3rd in the senior B division and 2018 finished 2nd in the middle school division. Great playing girls!

Pics and story HERE 

Congrats to Xtreme 2014 player Emma Hager on her commitment to play Divsion 1 lacrosse at Iona! Story HERE 

 X-treme 2015 and 2016 players participated in the Elite 120 event in New Jersey on January 19th and 20th. Article HERE . 2015 players McKenna Edwards and Emily McBride got nice write ups in the event blog HERE Congrats to all the girls for representing Xtreme so well!

X-treme teams win all 3 division championships at Reindeer Games tournament!

team pics and story HERE

X-treme 2014 finished up an outstanding fall recruiting tournament going 11 and 5 including going undefeated at Presidents Cup in Florida. There excellent play caught the eye of Inside Lacrosse -- see article HERE -- great laxing girls!
Congrats to 2014 player Toni Yuko on her commitment to play D1 lacrosse at Temple! Story HERE. 

Congrtas to 2014 player Brianna Leaman on her commitment to play D2 lacrosse at Lake Erie! Story HERE.

Congrats to 2014 player Gabby Cardina on her commitment to play D1 lacrosse at UMBC! Storey HERE.

Congrats to X-treme 2015 players Emily McBride and Lauren Marte on being named all stars and selected as MVP's out of over seventy five 2015 players from across the country at The Philly Showcase on November 3rd. Stories HERE and HERE


  X-treme Lacrosse car magnets now available!

Pick up at practice or tournaments.

Pay when you pick up or pay with credit card on the pay fees page.

2015 goalie Lauren Marte's effort is what

X-treme Lacrosse is about -- believe you can do it!

Congratulations to 2013 players for their verbal commitments:

Shannon Barto -- Lock Haven

Morgan Bare -- Lock Haven

Megan Bupp -- Syracuse (field hockey)

Emily Brunie -- Lock Haven

Alex Clay -- Johns Hopkins (field hockey)

Alex Stambaugh -- Monmouth

Lindsay McCanney -- Lehigh 

Alexa Mandak -- Duquesne

Kate Smucker -- Mary Washington

Reed Walter -- Roanoke

 Molly Hendrick -- UNC

Fall 2011 & Winter 2012 News and Pictures:

  •  X-treme wins USTC Winter Festival 5v5

Congrtas to the mixed team of X-treme players who went undefeated to win the Varsity A division at USTC on Presidents Day. Team members included Mary Gugluizza, Emily McBride, Shannon Nee, Erin Ketchum, Hali Albert, Abby Belser, Molly Hendrick, Megan Pinkerton, and Devon Schneider. Team pic above.

  • X-treme 2014 finished 3rd at Gettysburg 5v5

Congrats to the X-treme team of Katie Costanza, Maddie Eberly, Cortney Gensemer, Hannah Gotoff, Brianna Leaman, Emily Mann,Kat Torrance, and Toni Yuko on their 3rd place finish in the G-burg 5v5 on February 12th. The 2014 girls outscored their opponents 50 - 21 and defeated a tough Conestoga team to finish 3rd! Team pic above.

  •  X-treme wins Body Zone 7v7 tournament

X-treme teams finished 1st and 3rd in the Body Zone 7v7 tournament on December 29th. Congrats to the "Owl - a - Gators" team of Lauren Marte, Julia Stauffer, Cortney Forry, Bridget Hufnagel, Avery and Kari Longstaff, Devon Schneider and Megan Pinkerton for winning the championship! Team Pics above.

  •  X-treme wins USTC 7v7 Holiday Tournament

an X-treme team comprised of Abby Belser, Molly Hendrick, Bridget Hufnagel, Avery Longstaff, Kari Longstaff, Kasey Mann, Emily McBride, Shannon Nee, Megan Pinkerton, and Devon Schneider won the Championship of the Senior A Varsity Division at USTC on December 27th-- well done girls!

  • X-treme 2016 Wins Body Zone 7v7

Girls from X-treme 2016 played in the Body Zone 7v7 tournament on November 27th going 4 and 0 on the day and winning the Championship Game!

  • X-treme 2012 and 2014 advance to Championship Game of Millersville 5v5

We're not saying who won but it was an X-treme team!

  • X-treme 2014 players named to Philly Showcase Fab 40 All Star Team

Congrats to X-treme 2014 players Briana Leaman, Cortney Gensemer, and Emma Hager on being selected as a Philly Showcase Fab 40 All Star!

  • X-treme 2014 places 5th at Towson 5 v 5

Congrats to the X-treme 2014 team of Gabby Cardina, Kate Costanza, Maddie Eberly, Cortney Gensemer, Briana Leaman, Emily Mann, and Toni Yuko on their 5th place finish at the Towson Fright Fest 5 v 5!

  • X-treme 2012 Goalie Shannon Nee named #3 on ESPNHS top 25 Goalie list

article HERE

  •  X-treme wins Hopkins Queen of the Turf Tourny

Congrats to the X-treme team of Molly Hendrick, Avery Longstaff, Kari Longstaff, Shannon Nee, Megan Pinkerton, and Devon Schneider on winning the Championship at the 11th annual Johns Hopkins Queen of the turf 4v4 tournament. X-treme went 13 - 0 on the day and beat the Hopkins recruits to advance to the Championship game where they defeated the Universiy of Virginia recruit team.

 Summer of 2011 Team Pictures


X-treme News & Notes: 

X-treme in the News:

Alex Stambaugh commits to Monmouth

Alexa Mandak commits to Duquesne

Lindsay McCanney commits to Lehigh

Erin Ketchum commits to IUP

Shannon Nee named #3 goalie in country by ESPNHS

X-treme Team wins Hopkins Queen of Turf Tournie

PhillyLacrosse article on the success of the X-treme program 

Em Breakey commits to Ohio State

Molly Hendrick commits to UNC

Shannon Nee commits to UConn

Devon Schneider Inside Lacrosse Article

Carolyn Westphal commits to Brown

Megan Pinkerton commits to Temple

Devon Schneider named an Inside Lacrosse 2011 top player

Devon Schneider commits to Florida

• For more information contact Mark Pinkerton 717-725-7419 mark_pinkerton@comcast.net

Slideshow of X-treme 2012 from years 2005 through 2011!

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2011 National Draw

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X-treme 2016

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Xtreme 2013

Tuesday, July 17
2015 Team @ Club Natl Champ - July 14-15