Lakeview Youth Association: Links

Little League Baseball, Incorporated Website
Link to Little League Baseball. This is the official site of Little League Baseball and it contains an immense amount of information for Players, Parents, Coaches, Board Members, and fans.

District 2, State of Michigan Little League Website
Link to District 2 for the State of Michigan for Little League Baseball. Information on the District that LYA Little League Baseball participates in such as other Leagues, Special Games, All-Star Tournaments, etc.

Lakeview School District Website
Link to Lakeview School District Website (Battle Creek, MI), which includes the High School, Middle School, four Elementary Schools, Faculty, Staff, and more...

Weather Site
Link to, which is an excellent weather site that provides current weather, radar that shows current systems, and forecasts for up to ten days.

Major League Baseball Website
Link to Major League Baseball and all of its teams.

National Football League

Detroit Lions Home Page

National Basketball Association

Detroit Pistons Home Page