Lakeside Longhorns Football & Cheer: Hand Outs

2017 LYFC Preliminary Budget

2017 LYFC Preliminary Budget2017 LYFC Preliminary Budget

January 18, 2017 Members Meeting Minutes

January 18 Member Meeting MinutesJanuary 18 Member Meeting Minutes

2017 Player/Participant Contract

2017 Player-Participant Contract2017 Player-Participant Contract

2017 Standard Physical Form

2017 Standard Physical Form2017 Standard Physical Form

2017 Age Weight Matrix

2017 Age Weight Matrix2017 Age Weight Matrix

2017 Age Matrix Spirit-Cheer

2017 Age Matrix Spirit-Cheer2017 Age Matrix Spirit-Cheer

2017 Itemized Registration Fees

2017 Registration Itemized Fees2017 Registration Itemized Fees

2017 Financial Assistance Form

2017 Financial Assistance Form2017 Financial Assistance Form

Policies and Procedures

2017 Policies and Procedures2017 Policies and Procedures