Lakershoopz: Middle School Roster

Thursday, December 2
2010-2011 MS Basketball

2010-2011 MS Basketball Roster

 Ethan Weinstein

Ryan Burns

Nick St. Laurent

Liam Sherwin

Matt Tenney

Issaiah Chappell

Ben Robinson

Jesse Stiffler

Cole Cruz

Nick Ippedico

Codie Gibbs

Mike Platt

Brody McFarland

Christian Krik

Hank Vincent

Jordan Spear


Coach Paul Skarin

Friday, December 11
2009-2010 Middle School Roster

A-Team                                                                B-Team

 Alex Gioldassis                                                    Ethan Weinstein

Brandon Fleming                                                    Liam Sherwin

Matt Coughlin                                                       Ryan Burns

Brady Bunnell                                                       Matt Tenney

Jack Weinberger                                                 Issaiah Chappell

Alec Hoefle                                                          Cole Cruz

Matt Emmond                                                        Ben Robinson

Nick Skarin                                                          Jesse Stiffler

Dallas Bailey                                                         Nick Ippedico

Calen Corbett


 Coach: Paul Skarin


The numbers for the future look great! All of these young boys love basketball and play extremely hard. We are looking forward to many great years of Boy's Hoop in the years to come. Special Thanks to Tom Frederick and Paul SKarin for making this work.