Lakershoopz: MANAGERS

Tuesday, November 9
2010-2011 Managers


Connor Denney is entering her second year as the team's manager. With a year of experience under her belt she is going to lead the way for the two new comers. Her enthusiasm and commitment to the team will make her a great asset to our program. It is also nice to know that she will keep the boys in line.

Sara Bailey is entering her first year as a manager. Her positive attitude and her selflessness will truly help our program. Her excitement for the season is great to see.

Asha Clark is entering her first year as a manager and will be able to learn about the game and the program from our older managers. Her organizational skills and her ability to pay attention to details will help make the program successful.



Rhiannon Brewer

Aubree Kozie

Friday, December 11
2009-2010 Managers

Alicia Tagliatela, Katie Boel, Connor Denney


Alicia and Katie have been our team managers for the past four years. Their dedication and behind the scenes work has without a doubt led to the success of our program. Whether it is keeping stats, video taping, or keeping me in line they are a huge part of the program. They have as much passion for this team and program as the players.

 This past year Alicia and Katie were able to recruit another manager for us in Connor Denney. Connor has already shown her dedication this year for the team, attending practices and managing the clock to help the flow of the practice. She will be able to learn alot from Alicia and Katie and we are happy to have her on board.