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Douglass Community Center

A special thanks to Larry Nicholson and his staff for allowing us to call the Douglass Center "home."

Barb Oldhe and Wal-Mart #35 in Manhattan

June 5, 2001

To Whom It May Concern:

I am not certain the proper course to route this letter. If this is not the correct course, I respectfully ask that you direct it to the proper channels.

I have previously sent a copy to the manage of Store #35, however, I also wanted someone up the corporate chain of command to know of the good work being done at that store.

Customer are sometimes quick to find fault when they have a complaint, but not as readily willing to give praise when they receive outstanding service. I did not want to let an opportunity pass to sing the praises of one of your outstanding employees, Barb Olde, manager of the men's wear department of Store #35 in Manhattan, Kansas.

For the past two summers my wife and I have coached a girls traveling basketball team in Manhattan, the Lady Deuces. The goal of our team is to not only field a competitive team, but to also provide an opportunity for young girls to develop and improve their skills against high caliber competition, receive maximum court time and prepare them to play at the next level in a fun atmosphere.

We offer an alternative to those who are serious about their basketball, however either can not afford to play on a traveling team or do not have the skill to play at that level of competition. We strive to build self-esteem in girls so we do not conduct tryouts nor do we cut players. Any female in the age groups of our teams is welcome to play regardless of playing ability.

Because we do not have a financial sponsor, one of the first life skills I attempt to teach my players is financial responsibility. Traveling in itself is expensive enough, so I try to stay out of their parents' wallets as much as possible. Our team makes most of its money the old fashioned way — we earn it.

Unfortunately, uniforms do not come cheap and we are always in search of bargains. Although we have had to go to a local sporting goods store to purchase our jerseys, the past two seasons we have been lucky enough to find shorts and shooting shirts among the athletic wear at Wal-Mart. But if you think coaching or fund raising are difficult tasks, try attempting to find enough shorts and shooting shirts for 15-20 girls at a small-town Wal-mart.

Barb has gone out of our way the past two years to call around to area stores in attempt to find the shorts and shirts we need in the correct color and sizes, saving us precious time that we can instead devote to teaching our players the basics of basketball. As we add more and more players to our team and need additional uniforms, Barb is more than happy to assist us. She even remembers our names (Like it's really difficult to forget a couple that purchases uniforms for an entire basketball team!). That really means a lot to us.

During a recent visit to the store on our lunch hour, Barb offered to clock in early from her lunch to assist us. As I am writing this letter she is attempting to track down eight additional shooting shirts for our girls. Her work to us is above and beyond the call of duty in our eyes and we just wanted to bring that to your attention. As a Wal-Mart stockholder and former employee, I am well aware of the "Sundown Rule." In my humble opinion, Barb is the epitome of this working principle of the company.

As I previously mentioned, we do not have financial sponsors for our team. however, on our team's website, we have Barb and Wal-Mart on the list of people who have assisted us in some way or another. You should be proud to have an employee who cares about her customers in the manner that Barb does. The Lady Deuces sure appreciate her.

Thank you for your time and best wishes for continued success.


Keener A. Tippin II
Coach, Manhattan Lady Deuces
2419 Charolais Lane
Manhattan, KS 66502

P.S. -- We always get compliments on our uniforms and people look at us in disbelief when we tell them where we got them. You keep stocking athletic wear in our team colors — dark and Carolina blue — and we'll keep shopping at Wal-Mart.

Long John Silvers Restaurant, Manhattan

Black Gold Investment Club, Manhattan

Juneteenth Community Council, Manhattan

Black Faculty Staff Alliance, Kansas State University

Manhattan Basketball Association

Lady Deuces
Lady Deuces
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