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  Parent Letters  

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LETTER FOR WEEK OF: June 2, 2003

June 3, 2003

Dear Lady Deuces & Parents:

I sure hope blondes have more fun…

I knew there was a strong possibility that it would happen this summer — that we would win a tournament championship — but I didn't think it would happen this early in the season. I knew we had a chance to medal this weekend, but to win it all was beyond my wildest dreams. I also knew after Friday's game that we were capable of beating the Dream Team if we had our full squad for an entire game, but…

All I can say is "WOW!" Congratulations ladies on an EXCELLENT performance this past weekend. For Clyde, Sheila and myself, as well as your "older sisters" who were on teams from a time we like to refer to as "the dark days," winning this championship means a lot. We've seen the evolution of this program going from losing games 66-6 to being able to beat the Kansas Dream Team and claim the tournament championship of a tournament that hasn't been kind to us as far as records are concerned.

The performance by last year's team was the best to date, finishing 4-1 for the weekend but not earning a medal. This weekend we stubbed our toe in the first game and made a couple of others closer than they should be, but we ultimately saved our best for last and I couldn't have been prouder of you.

Enjoy, this savor it and have fun with me paying off my betting debt to you for a couple of more days and then put it aside. We have work to do this weekend and this championship makes us a marked squad for the remainder of the season. The Dream Team, the Aces and the Shooting Stars will be out to prove that their losses to us were flukes. Other teams will be gunning for you as well. I'd like to see you get that championship trophy again this weekend but it won't be easy.

Aside from the reasons I listed above, there are also 72 teams entered in the tournament this weekend from all across the country. For those of you who have not been to this tournament before, the competition level is fairly good. Some of the teams are VERY good so we will have our hands full.

That mean's we can't rest on past success. We must play each game to the best of our abilities.

But I've never felt as confident about a team going into this tournament as I do with this team

Now, on with the rest of the show…

WEEKEND'S SCHEDULE: As I said, it doesn't get any easier this weekend. We'll probably see some old foes and establish some new rivalries as well.

2 PM vs. Wild Women @ St Francis Catholic School

8 PM vs. Clearwater Raptors @ Maize Elementary East

9:05 AM vs. Dynasty @ Bishop Carroll High School

Directions to each gym we play in can also be found on the team website under "LOCATIONS."
If you want to check out the entire weekend's schedule, go to:

As I mentioned last weakened, A CURFEW WILL BE IN EFFECT FRIDAY & SATURDAY NIGHTS. I realize this is supposed to be fun and I do want it to be to some extent for the girls. But please also keep in mind that we have a job to do this weekend as well — to play basketball and to compete at a high level. You can't do that if you stay up all night long.

As such, curfew will be at 11:30 on Friday night. You don't have to be in your rooms, but I don't want you roaming the halls. I do conduct spot checks and I do bench players for missing curfew. If you doubt me, ask Monique or Christy. They didn't get benched but they can tell you that I did bench players last year for curfew violations. One was the daughter of an assistant coach.

Like I said, I want everyone to have a fun experience, but I also want to remember the reason we are here. Saturday will be a L-O-N-G day with a lot of down time between games. And that 9 AM start time (we will need to leave the motel around 8 AM) will come awfully fast.

Parents, I ask for your support and that you please work with me on this. Enough said.

NEXT TOURNAMENT: Salina, June 13-15. FYI, I will not give you game times until next week, but I will tell you that this tournament has an early start time on Friday — 5 p.m.

Please don't shoot me; I'm just the messenger. But the tournament is a big one —200 teams, 24 alone in our age group —hence the early start time. More details next week.

DOWN THE ROAD: Up to now, the MAYB National Tournament has been in "TO BE DETERMINED" status on the team calendar. Because of our success this past weekend, I don't think we will be too far over our heads if we were to enter this tournament. But again, this will be a TEAM decision on if we enter this tournament or not. It is scheduled August 1-3 in Hutchinson.

We played in this tournament the very first year of the program and the level of competition was so great that we decided not to return again. But the team we had then also was not very good. This team is MUCH better.

Entry deadline for that tournament is July 11th. PUH-LEEZE give me some feedback on your thoughts about this tournament. Because of its location, this would have to be an overnight trip, unless you just want to commute from Hutch each day. I'm not really that interested in doing that.

Hopefully I will get more feedback regarding this tournament than I did regarding our replacement tournament for the Manhattan date on July 25-27.

Since I have not gotten any feedback on the alternate sights, I have made an executive decision that I don't think will disappoint people. Rather than travel to Hayes, Omaha, Parsons or Gardner, we will travel to Topeka and play in the Sunflower State Games *IF* we cannot get into the Manhattan MAYB Tournament.

Hopefully that suits everyone's fancy?

But I still need a response on Nationals ASAP. If we are going to participate in that tournament, I would like to do another fundraiser so as to defer from our lodging expenses for the trip.

PRACTICE SCHEDULE: No practice this week because of our early departure time on Friday.

REPORT CARDS: I don't want to call out names, but I'm missing grade cards from 3 players. Don't force us to forfeit a game or tournament because we can't prove what grade a player is in. Grade cards don't have to be your most recent one, just one from this school year. Copies work fine or I can copy it and get it back to you.

ETC: This tournament has a pretty nice looking souvenir tee shirts for sale this weekend. The price is $10, I think. Other souvenirs will also be available.


DEPARTURE TIMES: Manhattan area parents and players, let's meet at 10 am in front of Chili's at the Manhattan Town Center.

For those departing from other locations, directions to our first game site, St. Francis Catholic School, can be found on the website, as can directions for all the other gyms we will play in and the Fairfield Inn.

DIET RECOMMENDATIONS: No need to keep repeating this. Everyone seemed to do well last weekend, so I won't. But please keep in mind that it will take SEVEN (7) games to advance to a championship for this tournament. Some of these gyms I know for a fact are *NOT* air conditioned. WATER DOES A BODY GOOD. WITH A MINIMUM OF FIVE GAMES IN THREE DAYS YOU NEED TO STAY HYDRATED.

Lady Deuces
Lady Deuces
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