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Northeast Kansas Lady Deuces
Keener Tippin
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Columbia, Missouri
  Team Rules  


1. Come to practice ready to practice. If you don't feel like or aren't in the mood to practice, I'd rather you not attend. CARRY, DO NOT WEAR YOUR JERSEY TO PRACTICE!!!!!!!!!!!! Please also attempt to CARRY, NOT WEAR your tennis shoes to practice.

2. Practice time is extremely precious and short. Please give the coaches your undivided attention. When a coach is talking, you should not be.

3. All players should stay in the gym area at all times. DO NOT ROAM THE BUILDING. If you must leave the gym area, please notify a coach.

4. All school equipment is to be left alone. In addition, leave the gym the way you found it.

5. If you arrive early, go into the gym area and sit at courtside until the court is clear or a coach arrives.

6. If a player is injured, please notify the coach immediately. If you feel ill, please notify a coach and sit out until you feel better.

7. No drug, alcohol or tobacco use by players will be tolerated.

8. During practices and games all players are expected to show good sportsmanship. Respect your teammates, your coaches, your opponents, but most of all RESPECT YOURSELF. After games be sure to shake the opposing team's hand — win, lose or draw.

9. Do not argue with an opposing player or with the referee. If you have a problem with another team's player or the referee please tell a coach and let them handle the situation.

10. No cursing OR trash talking will be tolerated.

11. DEFENSE, EFFORT AND DISCIPLINE. Play good, hard defense; give it your all; act like mature, responsible young ladies and play within our system.

12. COMMUNICATION ELIMINATES CONFUSION (CEC) — Communication on and off the court is the key to our success.


14. The coaching staff reserves the right to discipline players for violation of any of these rules.

15. Parents, please observe practice times and promptly pick up your daughter at the end of practice. I will attempt to stay until the last player is picked up but I would appreciate you being on time.

16. Parents, if you have a problem with your daughter's playing, please do not confront or embarrass them or me in public. I have not had problems with parents in the past, however one parent berating his daughter throughout a game and following the game in front of the team still is a painful memory for me. Please pull me aside or discuss the situation with your daughter when you get home.

17. Parents, all returned checks will be assessed a $30 return fee.


Lady Deuces
Lady Deuces
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