La Seminoles: Youth Baseball

Baseball Team Meeting after the game
Monday, February 15
Seminoles Youth Baseball & Softball Practice
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Practice Dates

Welcome to Team Xtreme!

Our program is structured on teaching the youth of Baton Rouge, Louisiana the fundamentals of baseball, encouraging good sportsmanship behavior (on and off the field), the importance of being part of a team and EDUCATION. Our goal is to give them the foundations for Life.

Our organization has (4) baseball teams, all levels 6U, 8U, 9U and 16U are represented. Our organization was established in 2007. We are a member of the Louisiana Youth Baseball League, and other baseball leagues.  We also participate in RBI through Major League Baseball.  Our program is a 24/7, all year-round program which provides a safe Environment for these boys and girls to learn baseball and grow into positive young men and women. 

Our Mission Statement:

"Teach the game of baseball and life for the betterment of young children's lives in the present and future."

  If you missed signups last year please don't miss out this year it is still not to late to get your child Registered the age is from 4 thru 12 coed.

Location : (Independence Baseball Park) on lobdell.
Contact : Coach John Smothers at:(225)993-3658   

  Practice will be ever Tuesday & Thursday from 5:30pm untill 7:30pm we need ever one to be present at practice each day if it is possible. There is a one time fee of $125.00 Perchild  and it pays for:

1. Baseball cap

2. Baseball Jersey

3. Baseball Pants

4. Baseball Socks 

5. Baseball Belt

6. Registration Fee & Banquet

The Fee is due on April 8th no later then April 15th 2010 if you have Questions Please call me.

Thanks Coach John


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