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Seminoles Youth Basketball

Welcome to the Louisiana Seminoles Youth Organization we are committed to providing a Safe, Fun, and Skill-focused experience for kids between the ages of 4 and 16. Youth basketball, among boys and girls, has risen dramatically in popularity. The amount of youth basketball tournaments and the dedication of each youth basketball player has increased. Even though we would like to see every youth basketball player play as many sports as possible, the truth is that many are only playing basketball year round. The drive for a college scholarship and the dream of playing professionally, has increased the level of play at every level of youth basketball.We are a local youth sports Organization.  We are not the first to offer youth basketball, but we are the first to focus on true player development play by helping players turn their weaknesses into strengths and their strengths into weapons every time they take the floor.  So when you are deciding where your children are going to play this year...don't just pay to play, play to learn the game.  Allow us the privilege to help your children turn their weaknesses into strengths and their strengths into weapons on and off the court and especially in the game of life by participating in our next basketball league session.                                               We thank you for your patriotism and support. Your participation has made all the difference to our organization and we greatly appreciate it.

Louisiana Seminoles Coaches       
This year sign-ups will start in Nov. 28, 2011.


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