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Seminettes Dance Team
Seminettes Dance Team

                                                        Seminettes Dance Team

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Our goal:
To have a Professional Girl's Dance Team that consist of teenage girl's with a passion for dance, while providing Entertainment for The Seminoles Football Team,Parents,and fun for the girl's.

There is a One Time Registration Fee of $50.00. This fee Includes Uniforms, Fundraiser, and Banquet.. The Registration fee is due on June 19,2010. We will be selling WORLD"S FINEST CHOCOLATES and each girl will be responsible for selling there portion of the candy. Parents will have to sign a consent form to ensure that all the money or any unsold candy is returned to the Director. We will start Practice sometime in May. I will let everone know Practice Days and Time before then. If you are interested just contact us and you can fill out a Registration From.


P.S. The age Requirements are 11-16 years old. If you need more time to pay, Please let me know before the due date. If you have any Questions Please feel free to call me. Thank You for Participating in our Program.


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