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Welcome to the Louisiana Seminoles Youth Organization. We are a Non-profit Organization that promotes youth tackle football for young men ages 5 to 12 years old. Our goal is to teach young men the game of football while growing in character and sportsmenship through team and individual development. In addition to providind great opportunities for young football players, we also have the best Cheerleaders & Dancing Dolls in all of Louisiana. Our Beautiful Cheerleaders & Dancing Dolls add to the overall experince of enjoying youth sport and they are an very important part of our program. With their spirit & hard work, they make it fun. They definitely have that Seminole Spirit.                 
 As a local youth sports organization, we are not the first to offer youth Football; but we are the first to focus on true player development through league play by helping players turn their weaknesses into strengths; and their strengths into weapons every time they take the field. 

We believes in building communities of strong leaders, by encouraging and rewarding strong academic achievement, teaching the lessons of dedication, honest effort, and fair play, special athletes emerge to become the leaders of our great country. 

Our Coaches and sponsors share the same dream that every child who wants to play football or cheer has the opportunity despite financial constraints. This prompted the "Circle Of Giving Back" concept. Each child enrolled in our program is encouraged to remember and thank their parents and the many Coaches who selflessly give of themselves to their communities in which they live in order to model and promote community involvement to tomorrows leaders.

So when you are deciding where your Child/children are going to play this year...don't just pay to play, play to learn the game.  Allow us the privilege to help your children turn their weaknesses into strengths on and off the field and especially in the game of life by participating in our next football sign-ups.  Our new practice site for football is at Independence Blvd. and Wooddale Blvd. on the Soccer Field.  

We thank you for your patriotism and support. Your participation has made all the difference to our organization and we greatly appreciate it.
a Seminoles Coaches 

For more information you can call:

Coach John Smothers     225-615-4220 

This years Football sign-ups will start in June 2011. The Registration Fee Per child is $65.00 but that is only for the Football Players.