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Why You Should Be a Responsible Coach? You should be a Responsible Coach because coaches are among the most influential adults in the lives of youth athletes. In conjunction with parents and schools, coaches are key to developing character in our children. Children who are coached responsibly in sports achieve better grades, are less likely to engage in dangerous behavior, live longer and healthier lives due to improved fitness they carry forward from youth sports. Sports will also provide the ideal ‘virtual classroom’ for teaching life lessons as well as providing youth with the opportunity to develop their character. What Is A Responsible Coach? By now you may be wondering what we mean by "Responsible Coach." Let's begin by explaining what a Responsible Coach is not. A Responsible Coach is not: Soft -A source of empty unearned praise -Satisfied with everyone just having fun Responsible Coaching actually is more difficult, challenging and rewarding than coaching with a win-at-all-cost approach. In addition to learning all you can about your sport, honing your "x's and o's," and competing fiercely for wins, you also are committed to: Ensuring player safety -Placing education and character development before wins -Coaching beyond the "X's and O's" -Coaching athletes to master their sports -Filling "Emotional Tanks" to improve performance and instill love of sport -Living and coaching by a code of Honoring the Game Responsible Coaching Definition A Responsible Coach is someone who: -Exhibits a high level of coaching competence. -Having a personal commitment to coaching excellence – on and off the field. -Committed to constant development of personal coaching skills and collaborates and partners with other coaches for personal and game improvement. -Achieves and maintains excellence on-the-field -Maintains paramount concern for the health and safety of the athletes -Focuses on mastery of skills over winning; effort over outcome -Fosters success through positive feedback, valuing teamwork and consistently providing support to players -Demonstrates an on-going commitment to the well-being and development of athletes off-the-field -Concerned for the development of the athlete as a whole person – emotional, physical and intellectual -Understands and embraces their role as mentor and role model -Respects the rights, dignity and worth of every athlete and treats everyone equally regardless of background or ability -Honors and respects the Game -Upholds the spirit as well as the letter of the rules of the game -Respects all opponents, officials and opposing players -Instills a love of the game to players and parents alike.
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