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Sunday, September 23

Sept 22nd - Newark Mayhem 4 - Arsenal 1. The Arsenal played very well on this rainy day game. Jenna Kadlec defended the goal against an early push by the Mayhem. The Arsenal fullbacks, Kaley Olsen, Rachel Tabaracci, and Alyssa Ray, held the Mayhem to four first half goals. Julie Walsh was able to get the offense going with a nice shot on goal. Jaymie Lewis helped with some additional tough defensive play. The midfielders were able to find Megan Thompson near the midfield mark. Megan got a step on the solid Mayhem defenders, drove hard to the goalie and after a nifty stutter step, shot a solid goal to get the Arsenal on the board. Jenni Smith and Stephanie Behnke had some additional nice shots on goal for the Arsenal. The second half was a great defensive game by both teams. Alyssa had some great stops defending the Arsenal goal. Stephanie had a nice defensive play as well as determined and aggressive play from Holly Lamb in the second half shut out.

Sept 23rd - Pleasanton Rage 2 - Arsenal 1. The Arsenal’s goalie Jenna Kadlec and the fullbacks kept the Rage held to two hard fought goals. Bri Hill was able to kick a beautiful high kick out of reach of the Rage goalie to put the Arsenal on the scoreboard; that was the last score of the game. The second half saw Alyssa Ray with some nice saves at the goal and Holly Lamb was again another big weapon for the aggressive Arsenal defense.

Sunday, September 16

The Arsenal start the season with three wins! Check out the league standings! Way to Go Arsenal!

Sept 8th - The Arsenal begin the ’07 league play with a victory over the determined San Ramon Blast. In the first half the Arsenal established the pace of the game with great offensive and defensive play. Arsenal scored first with a goal by Julie Walsh. Julie then scored a PK. The Arsenal kept up the pressure and Julie scored another goal. Megan Thompson also contributed with another Arsenal goal.  An aggressive defensive gave the Blast an opportunity near the end of the first half and the Blast took advantage of a PK to get on the board. Alyssa Ray defended the arsenal goal and the awesome team work of the defensive line of Gabi Macias, Rachel Tabaracci and Madison Crabb held the Blast to one goal in the first half. The second half began with the defensive pressure causing the Blast to commit an own goal. Kaley Olsen followed with an assist to Julie for another Arsenal goal. Jenna Kadlec held the Blast from scoring in the second half. The Arsenal followed with another nice offensive play by Julie who drew the goalie to commit to her while she passed to Brianna Hill for a solid goal to seal the 7-1 victory for the Arsenal.

Sept 15th - Arsenal shut out the Fremont Fuego 3-0. The Arsenal started the game out strong with great offensive work by Megan Thompson, Kira Toretto, Jaymie Lewis, Holly Lamb and Kaela Moehnle. Fast footwork by Jenni Smith, Stephanie Behnke and Kaley Olson kept the ball in Arsenal territory. Holly scored the first goal of the game with an assist by Kaela Moehnle. Jaymie Lewis scored a beautiful goal from the outside. Great teamwork between Megan Thompson and Jaymie Lewis resulted in a third goal by Holly Lamb. The defensive line of Rachel Tabaracci, Madison Crabb and Alyssa Ray with Goalie Jenna Kadlec shut out the Fuego.

Sept 16th - Aresnal offense Megan Thompson, Holly Lamb, Kaela Moehnle, Jaymie Lewis and Julie Walsh played an aggressive game with the Dublin Hurricanes. Holly Lamb had a great shot with a header from Kaley Olson to score the first goal of the game. Stephanie Behnke's fast footwork passed the ball to Brianna Hill who drove the ball to Kaley Olson which resulted in the second goal. Brianna Hill had a long drive which she sailed right into the goal zone. The strong defensive line of Rachel Tabaracci, Madison Crabb and Alyssa Ray did not allow any goals in the first half. Megan Thompson with an assist from Julie Walsh scored the final Arsenal goal to seal a 4-3 Arsenal win over the Dublin Hurricanes.