Lake Wylie Athletic Association Soccer: Volunteers

Age Level Coordinator  U4 - U15 one person per age level to help answer emails, basic questions, helps coaches with rules, will need to attend meetings  
Spirit Wear Coordinator   plan with committee all spirit wear  
 Opening Season Coord.   plan with a committee opening season kickoff  
Ending Season Coord.   plan with a committee season ending party  
Score Keeper   get scores from coaches and post to website  
officiating coordinator   evenly assign referees to games,  needs to have access to email for last minute changes, should be soccer committee member Lisa Pereira 
field maintenance   gets stripping machine to volunteers to stripe fields every week; minor repair to goals & nets  
magnet sales   gets volunteers to sell soccer magnets at opening season kick off and games  
recycled cleats   collects used cleats and makes cleats available for players  
fundraiser   helps LWAA with fundraisers for all sports and soccer  
sponsorships   gets sponsorships from local businesses   
Referee training   training to get our youth ready to ref U6 and U8 games  
website maint.   keep website updated  
practice schedule   coordinate and maintain practice schedule  
photographer Coord.   work with photographer to coordinate teams photos  
trophy coord.   work with team moms and trophy company  Heather Roberts
Lake Wylie Pilot Newspaper Submissions   submit an article every week on soccers behalf  
Equipment Collector/Inventory   collect equipment at end of season and keep inventory of what we have  
lawn maintenace   may need mowing at Allison Creek - not sure yet  
Volunteer Coordinator   need to rally up volunteers for all positions Nikki Hankins/Lisa Pereira
Head Coach   responsible for practices and coaching of a team, relates all information from LWAA to team  
Assistant coach   assists head coach at all practices and games  
team parents   assists coaches in relating information to teams, snack schedule, gets trophy info/money to trophy coordinator, sends emails to team to make sure team knows where and when they need to be   
Uniform Coordinator   orders uniforms, distributes to coaches, works with uniform company Tami Kuhn
game schedule   creates game schedule using software, works closely with soccer committee and other towns, must be orgainzed and have access to email regularly.