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Lehigh Valley Knee-Hi Basketball League
Lehigh Valley Knee-Hi Basketball League:LVKBL By Laws  
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  LVKBL By Laws  

By Laws 2000-2001 Season



The name of this association shall be the LEHIGH VALLEY KNEE-HI BASKETBALL LEAGUE (herein sometimes referred to as the L.V.K.B.L.).

ARTICLE II - Purpose

Section 1 - Health:
To organize, develop and direct an inter-community basketball program which will promote, protect and conserve the health and physical welfare of all participants.

Section 2 - Education:
To formulate and maintain policies that will safeguard the educational values of inter-community athletics and cultivate high ideals of good sportsmanship.

Section 3 - Competition:
To promote uniformity of standards.

ARTICLE III - Membership

a)        Application for membership in the L.V.K.B.L. shall be made in writing to an officer of the League by October of the current year. Each application for membership shall be made by the Executive Officer of the sponsoring organization. The application shall be screened by the Board of Control and their recommendations presented to the League membership. Final approval must be granted by two-thirds vote of the League membership.
b)        Any organization dropping out of the League after the November meeting will forfeit their initiation fee of twenty dollars ($20.00) and upon re-entry will be fined fifty dollars ($50.00) plus normal re-entry fee.
c)        Any organization participating in the L.V.K.B.L. must provide a certificate of insurance by the December meeting.
d)        Any new team applying for membership in September or October shall not have a League vote until the December meeting.
e)        Participation in the L.V.K.B.L. requires each organization to field a team in both the Cadet and Knee-Hi leagues.


a)        An entry fee of thirty dollars ($30.00) for the Cadet team and thirty dollars ($30.00) for the Knee-Hi team shall be made by each organization along with a forfeit fee per sponsor of twenty dollars ($20.00). The forfeit fee can be refunded at the end of the year if the organization is properly represented at every league meeting. If a team exceeds twenty dollars ($20.00) in fines for the current year, that team must pay their fines at the first meeting of the following year in order to be accepted into the League.
b)        If a team is suspended from the League, a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) forfeit bond will be required for reinstatement to the League which must have the approval of each team.
c)        A ten dollar ($10.00) forfeit fee will be assessed any team which fails to notify the opposing team of a cancellation or postponement of a regularly scheduled game (game will be forfeited by a score of 2 to 0). Home team must notify visiting team twenty-four (24) hours in advance of scheduled games, except as provided for in Article II, Section 1 of the By-Laws (Scheduling).
d)        Entry fees are to be used to purchase trophies at the end of the season.
e)        A team or organization not properly represented at any meeting automatically carries a ten-dollar ($10.00) fine.
f)        Each organization is responsible for notifying referees of any change in time, date or location of a game. Failure to do so means the organization must pay each official the prevailing game fee amount for one game, except as provided for in Article II, Section 1 of the By-Laws (Scheduling).

ARTICLE V - Officers

Section 1 - Officers:
The Officers of this League shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and a Treasurer. Nominations and Election of Officers shall be held at the first meeting of the new basketball year.

Section 2 - Duties of Officers:
President - Shall preside at all League and Board of Control meetings. He shall have the right to appoint standing committees and all temporary committees. He shall have the right to execute all decisions of the Board of Control and to determine a vote in case of a tie (he shall have no right to act on an important matter of his own accord, unless authorized by the Board of Control). He shall be an ex-officio on every committee. He shall sign with the Secretary - Treasurer all legal papers and official documents in the name of the League. The President shall have no right while presiding to make any motion or to confirm any motion before the decision of the members, unless he relinquishes the Chair to the Vice-President for the purpose of any motion.

Vice-President - Shall perform all the duties of the President in the absence of the President and shall be entitled to all his prerogatives.

Secretary - Shall keep a correct record of all proceedings of the meetings of this League and keep a correct and full roll of all members' names and addresses. He shall attend to all correspondence of the League, including correspondence of the League members and Board of Control dealing with meetings, notices, etc., and any and all other correspondence. He shall keep a file of all league forms, directories and maps. He shall keep a record of all team rosters for a period of five (5) years. He shall help the President notify all league organizations of the first meeting of each year via phone or mail at least three (3) days before the league meeting.   He shall turn over to his successor in office all property of the League in his custody.

Treasurer - He shall collect all moneys, dues, fines and funds for the League; give official receipts when requested, and deposit all moneys received in a bank. The Treasurer shall keep an accurate record of all moneys received, deposited and expended. He shall countersign all drafts or warrants drawn on the treasury properly authorized by the President. He shall report the financial conditions of the League at each regular meeting of the League. His accounts and records shall be audited annually by an Auditing Committee of at least two league members appointed by the League President.

ARTICLE VI - Board of Control

Section 1 - Board of Control:

The executive and administrative body of this League shall be known as the Board of Control and shall consist of the elected League officers and two (2) elected Board members. The Board of Control shall be elected in September of each year.

Section 2 - Term of Office:
The members of the Board of Control shall serve for a term of one (1) year beginning September, following their election.

Section 3 - Meetings:
The newly elected Board of Control shall meet annually for organization purposes only and at such other times thereafter as the President or a majority of the League may request.

Section 4 - Powers and Duties:
a)        To have general control over all League relations and athletic contests in which a member team participates.
b)        To interpret the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws of this League and such other rules and regulations as it may from time to time adopt.
c)        To determine the method of registrations of referees and to make and to apply necessary penalties and forfeits for the control of such referees.
d)        To decide matters in dispute between member teams, except officially protested games.
e)        To fix and enforce penalties for any violation of the Constitution and By-Laws of this League within the limits prescribed by the By-Laws.
f)        To authorize the return of membership dues and to exclude from membership or to suspend from membership in this League any team whose executive officer does not enforce the rules of this League.
g)        A majority of its members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business of the Board of Control.
h)        Board of Control is to rule on all protests. Either team affected may appeal. An appeal would then be referred to three (3) outside, non-League members. Each team shall submit one (1) name by the November meeting, high school coach or referee.

ARTICLE VII - Amendments

Section 1 - Majority Approval Necessary:
Amendments to this Constitution and By-Laws must be approved by two-thirds vote of the membership present, with each team (coach or a representative) allowed one vote (Cadet and Knee-Hi). Proposed amendment must be passed at three (3) consecutive meetings.

Section 2 - When Amendments Must Be Submitted For Approval:
Amendments to be considered during the upcoming year must be presented to the Board of Control prior to the first meeting of the upcoming year in September.

Section 3 - Proposed Amendments:
Proposed amendments must be approved by the Board of Control before being submitted to the League members for their vote at meeting called by the President.

Section 4 - Defeated Amendments:
The provisions of a defeated amendment shall not be submitted for a vote by the League during the current season.

Section 5 - Amendments to By-Laws:
By-Laws as amended shall be binding for the current season.


ARTICLE I - Penalties
Section 1 - Expulsion:
A team shall be expelled if it refuses to abide by the decisions of a majority vote of the Board of Controls, and forfeits its team fees.

Section 2 - Fines:
A team or organization not properly represented at any meeting automatically carries a ten dollar ($10.00) fine.

Section 3 - Forfeit of Games:
a)        For using an ineligible player.
b)        For other violations of the Constitution and By-Laws of this League.
c)        If, in the opinion of the referees, the court is not in playable condition due to obstructions or faulty conditions other than national conditions.

ARTICLE II - Scheduling

Section 1 - Game Scheduling:
The schedule for the L.V.K.B.L. will be drawn up by a committee appointed by the President. The dates of scheduled games will be played as scheduled and approved, except in the event of bad weather.

With the exception of inclement weather, teams are allowed a fifteen (15) minute grace period after the scheduled start of the game. A forfeit will occur after this allotted period.

Section 2 - Rescheduled Games:
Postponed games must be re-scheduled and played within fourteen (14) days of the original scheduled date which shall be a mutual agreement between both coaches. If no mutual agreement is made within fourteen (14) days, home team coach will refer to the Board of Controls. Home team forfeits game if no notification to the Board of Controls on the fourteenth (14) day. Original scheduled date shall be considered the first day of the fourteen (14) days.

Section 3 - Completion of Scheduled Games:
a)        All teams must complete their schedule and all games must be played to completion. Any team may concede a game that was suspended due to natural conditions. Teams failing to comply will be referred to the Board of Control and this will result in either suspension from the League or a twenty dollar ($20.00) fine plus full costs of officials.
b)        All teams entered in the league must play in the league playoffs. Penalty is a standard forfeit fine of twenty dollars ($20.00).

ARTICLE III - Protests

Either team may protest a game by serving notice to both referees and to the coach of the opposing team at the time of the dispute that, at this game is being played under protest.

a)        Referees will make a public announcement of protested game.
b)        The team making the protest and the referees shall file a written report with the League President within forty-eight (48) hours after the completion of the game involved.
c)        Protest fee is twenty-five dollars ($25.00). If protest is upheld, the fee is refunded.

ARTICLE IV - Playing Rules

Section 1 - Governing Rules:
The L.V.K.B.L. shall be governed by:

a)        Official playing rules of P.I.A.A. basketball with the exception of Section 3 - Game Rules below.
b)        The Constitution and By-Laws of the L.V.K.B.L.

Section 2 - Court Rules:
a)        Home team coach shall present to the referees and opposing coach all rules and any special rules prior to game time.
b)        If any collection is taken up at a game, same belongs to the home team.
c)        Team personnel shall remain on bench. No one, including spectators, will be allowed on court (Home team responsibility).

Section 3 - Game Rules:
a)        Home team is to supply one (1) leather indoor ball for each game, acceptable to both coaches. If game ball is not acceptable, referee has final decision. Game ball used at start of game will be used the entire game.

b)        Knee-Hi teams will play eight (8) minute quarters.

c)        Cadet teams will play eight (8) minute quarters.

d)        Knee-Hi and Cadet teams may play zone or man-to-man.

e)        Knee-Hi and Cadet teams will have one (1) minute between quarters and one (1) minute time out periods. There will be a five (5) minute period between first and second half unless at the discretion of the home coach and agreed to by the visiting coach. Ten (10) minute period between Cadet and Knee-Hi game.

f)        Starting times are determined by the home team.

g)        Team in first place at the end of regulation season will be declared Division or League Champion unless playoff is needed in case of a tie for first place. To be played on neutral floor.

h)        Playoffs for Knee-Hi and Cadet teams: Requirements for determination of League and Playoff Champions are to be set at the November meeting of the League.

        i)   If a team is winning by 20 or more points during a game, that team cannot use a full or half court press defense. In the spirit of good sportsmanship, team coaches schould verbalize this game situation and attempt to maintain a normal game flow.                                                   

ARTICLE V - Policing

Each home team is required to police all games.

ARTICLE VI - Teams, Personnel, Uniforms & Referees

Section 1 - Teams and Personnel:
a)        The Knee-Hi team will be made up of boys/girls up through the 9th grade and up to fourteen (14) years of age (if the player attains the age of fifteen (15) on or after June 1, he/she will be eligible).
b)        The Cadet team will be made up of boys/girls up through the 7th grade and up to twelve (12) years of age (if the player attains the age of thirteen (13) on or after June 1, he/she will be eligible).
c)        Any boy/girl challenged regarding his/her age, the opposing coach must contact the League Secretary. If the boy's/girl's birth certificate or proof of age date is not recorded correctly with the League Secretary, the boy/girl will be considered ineligible and all games participated in by him/her will be forfeited. The proof of age must be submitted with the final roster at the January meeting. The League Secretary will confirm all rosters with the schools involved, verifying age and grade, if challenged. Any exceptions shall be referred to the Board of Control.
d)        One (1) copy of a team's open roster is to be submitted to the League Secretary on or prior to the December League meeting. The Open Roster containing name, address, birth date, school, grade and telephone number for each player. There is no limit to the number of players listed on an Open Roster. To save paperwork, any team may skip the Open Roster and elect to submit their final Closed Roster and paperwork (rosters, birth certificates and league contracts) at or prior to the December meeting. The League will select a committee of at least two organizations and the League Secretary to verify rosters submitted prior to the January League meeting. Penalty is $100 fine per organization if the open roster is not submitted by December meeting.
e)        Each coach must submit a League contract certifying parents permission to play for each boy/girl on the final roster by the January meeting.
f)        All coaches must give to the League, full name, address and telephone number so as to enable any team to contact them in regard to any matter.
g)        A boy/girl may play with both teams. Boys/Girls must be listed on Knee-Hi and Cadet open and closed roster, to play on both teams and as long as they meet age limits.
h)        By the January league meeting, a complete Closed Roster of not more than fifteen (15) eligible players must be submitted to the League Secretary and to each other team in the League. Penalty is a $100 fine per organization if the closed roster is not submitted by the January meeting.   All players on Closed Roster must come from the Open Roster with the following exception: a new player can be added if he/she provides proof of relocating into the team’s area after November 1st. Examples of valid proof are a real estate settlement, a renter’s agreement, or a school registration date.
i)        Reserve Clause - When a boy/girl is signed to a team roster, he/she may not play on any other team until the Request for Player Release form is completed by the parent/guardian, approved by officers of both organizations, and recorded by the league on or before the January meeting.
j)        If a boy/girl lives in the area served by an active team in the L.V.K.B.L., he/she may not play for another team unless the Request for Player Release form is completed by the parent/guardian, approved by officers of both organizations, and recorded by the league on or before the January meeting. For a new team entering League: Any boy/girl on the previous years roster may have the option to play on the new team or previous years team.   If boy/girl moves to an area served by another active team in the L.V.K.B.L., boy/girl has a choice one (1) time only where he/she wants to play.
k)        Any boy/girl who is on an official current P.I.A.A. roster of a school varsity, junior varsity, or freshman team at the beginning of that school season, is ineligible. Any boy's/girl's status uncertain due to P.I.A.A. competition, will be ineligible until January 1.
l)        Any boy/girl ejected from a game for unsportsmanlike conduct will be suspended for the following two (2) League games. The suspended individual may not participate in either Cadet or Knee-Hi games for the next two (2) League dates. In the event it happens again, the boy/girl will be suspended for the current season.
m)        Any coach ejected from a game for unsportsmanlike conduct will be suspended for the following three (3) League games. The suspended coach may not participate in either Cadet or Knee-Hi games for the next three (3) League dates. In the event it happens again, the coach will be suspended for the current season.
n)        The boy's/girl's or coach's name must be submitted to the League President or Representative by the opposing coach or referee. All coaches are responsible for policing the action of their teams' suspensions. Players and coaches that have been ejected and participate in any League games forfeit the games they played or coached and still must serve their required suspensions.
o)        Limit of fifteen (15) boys/girls to a closed roster, January meeting.
p)        Limit of team's members to fifteen (15) boys/girls dressed.
q)        Home team must furnish responsible timer and scorekeeper.
r)        Winning cadet and kneehi teams must call in each game score to their league statistician   within 48 hours of the completed game. The penalty is a fine of $15 per occurrence. Home team must also call the statisticians with rescheduled game dates as soon as they are known. There is no penalty for this.
s)        Any game that a boy/girl participates in without all proper paperwork turned into the League is a forfeit of games.

Section 2 - Uniforms:
a)        If a team is not equipped with regular basketball uniforms, it will be satisfactory if all players have the same color T-shirts with numbers on them. Existing numbers will be acceptable. Should conflict of uniform colors arise, first team in League has preference. When uniforms are replaced, legal numbers will be used. All teams in the League must have uniforms after one (1) year in League.
b)        Players must use sneakers.

Section 3 - Referees:
a)        Two (2) League-registered referees will be supplied by the League Assignor for each home game. All referees must be approved by the Board of Control.
b)        The Referee's fee is established prior to League play and must be paid by the home team prior to game time. (Referee's fee is subject to change). If only one referee works a League game, the referee fee is one and one-half (1.5) times the regular game rate.
c)        Code of Ethics will be amended to by-laws and will be binding in all dealings with referees.
d)        Referees will check and sign score book.

Updated as of 11 / 2 / 2000   

Lehigh Valley Knee-Hi Basketball League
Lehigh Valley Knee-Hi Basketball League
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